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SMART BET College Football Week 12 Recap

Posted by in NFL General on November 30th, 2009 | Comment »

Overall Profit 4.7 units.

We played a ton of games this week and if you were with me all the way you cashed several more winners than losers. The key to the week was our two big plays with Auburn and UCONN both covering even though UCONN was close until the final minutes. My Game of Year Record is now at 3-1 a solid 75%. This week brings about several “Championship Games” beginning with games on Thursday.

As you may or may not know, I will be breaking down every single Bowl game here on the site. I will make recommendations on all games, but will clearly indicate which games your money should be on. There will be a ton of live dogs to play over the next month or so.

Thanks for all the comments and to all those who bought me a drink.

THETRIPLEDOUBLE.COM is in full swing and I have isolated several teams early this year that are going to make us a ton of money, hope to have you on board.

Good Luck…

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New England Patriots vs. New Orleans Saints Pick Against the Spread

Posted by in NFL Picks on November 30th, 2009 | Comment »

The Sunday-Monday Night streak has been extended to 5-0 thanks to the Ravens pulling it out in overtime and cashing in our 7-point teaser of Ravens -0.5, over 28.5. You can never go wrong betting against a rookie in his first start and that was the difference in this one as DE Paul Kruger picked off the rookie by dropping back into coverage while Ray Lewis blitzed, getting the pick, and setting up the field goal. Thank you to those who bought me a beer for taking down my NFL play of the week, my teaser of Chargers -6.5 and Vikings -3.5. When I see Paul Kruger or Ray Rice, I’ll be sure to offer them a cold one for last night’s big win.


Tonight is the GAME OF THE YEAR — not as in this pick is a lock, but as in the best game to watch in the last 3 years, maybe since the 2006 Rose Bowl if I might say so (see and vote on our new poll). Maybe this is the second game of the year after we were treated to the Colts and Patriots just not too long ago.  This is expected to be the most wagered game of the year.

My previous stance on this game when the spread was released was to tease it by adding 7 points to the Patriots +3 that they got to start to make it Patriots +10 and take the over 48.5.  If you got into that teaser while the Pats were getting 3 points, I still like that pick, but I’m going with the Saints -1.5.

I think the Saints win this one in a very, very …

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Sunday Night Play: Steelers vs. Ravens

Posted by in NFL Picks on November 29th, 2009 | Comment »

Hope you capitalized off of the SUNDAY SPECIAL TEASER: Chargers -6.5, Vikings -3.5. That was my biggest and only play of the day.  Although we had an 11-0 streak going into Saturday, we gave some of that back with 2 bad beats on Saturday, but we were able to make up for that with the teaser today.

I’m still thinking about what to do tonight.  The spread moved from Ravens -9 to Ravens -7.5, so a bunch of people are siding with the Steelers and the points.  First the injuries, Roethlisberger is out, Polamalu is out, and Suggs is out.  Rookie Dennis Dixon gets the start tonight.  This is his first start of the season and his only action was 2 preseason games where he wasn’t very impressive.  He was a dynamic playmaker in college for Oregon last year and was also a Heisman hopeful. He brings an elusive running game, but I am not expecting much from the kid in his first start against the Ravens.

The over under is set extremely low at 35.5.  All signs point to this game and the under, but with Polamalu and Suggs out, that may open up some scoring opportunities.  Dixon is also capable of breaking open a run as well.  You can also expect the Steelers to call run after run and kill that clock.

I want to do a teaser here.  I don’t think you take the Steelers at +14.5 due to the rookie factor against a very good defense on the road.  I like the Ravens at -0.5, so you’re going to have to debate whether to tease the over/under to over 28.5 or under 42.5.

This could easily be a 16-13 game or this could be a …

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The Streak Continues!

Posted by in College Football Picks on November 28th, 2009 | Comment »

I hope you were able to take down UCONN -13.5 earlier today.  We’ve now extended our winning streak to 11-0.

Right now Florida vs. Florida State is underway. Brandon has FSU at +24.5, I have them at +32/Over 49. So far Florida has a 10-0 lead going into the 2nd quarter.  I’ll need the pace to pick up to get that over, but there’s still a lot of football left to play.

Tonight, I am on board with the teasers of Georgia Tech -0.5/Over 50 and Navy -2.5/Under 61.5.

Brandon has added 3 more picks:

1.) Arizona at Arizona State (+3.5) for 1 unit. (W)

2.) New Mexico Sate (+11) at San Jose State for 1 unit. (W)

3.) Utah State at Idaho (-3) for 1 unit. (L)

Good luck!

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Brandon Marshall Highlights vs. Giants

Posted by in NFL Videos on November 28th, 2009 | Comment »

It’s no secret how much I love watching Brandon Marshall. I took advantage of the offseason turmoil and was able to pick him up in my fantasy league during a late round and what a steal he’s been. Enjoy the circus like catches here, including multiple one-handed grabs.


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Tomorrow’s College Picks By Schedule

Posted by in College Football Picks on November 28th, 2009 | Comment »

So far in college football, I like picking out a single game to take per time slot, and I’ve been rolling (10-0 in my last 10).  In college football alone, we were 1/1 on Thursday and 4/4 on Friday! Here’s what I like for Saturday:

Tomorrow, I like this schedule:

12:00 — UCONN -13.5 over Syracuse — (W)The streak continues to 11-0!

3:35 — Teaser: FSU +32, Over 49 over Florida — (L) — “Ya coulda had ’em Mav, you coulda had ’em.” FSU left a few points off the board that could have had the over hit with the +32. Feeling good about GT.

8:05 — Teaser: Georgia Tech -0.5, Over 50 over Georgia — (L) — Of course QB Nesbitt gets injured in the 1st quarter. Fortunately, comes back into the game, but not anywhere close to being 100%. While he’s out, his backup throws an INT that leads to 7 by Georgia. GT had a chance to win the game down by 6 with 3 minutes left, but a dropped ball on 4th down ends the game for them.

10:35 — Teaser: Navy -2.5 Under 61.5 over Hawaii — (L) — We had a hell of a run, but had to give some of it back. Should have been at least 2-2 today, but the GT game was a bad beat due to Nesbitt’s injury and FSU game was close, just needed a FG and it didn’t matter what team it was.

Brandon has more Week 13 college plays

Here’s a look at week 12 in the NFL

My favorite play Sunday — Teaser: Chargers -6.5, Vikings -3.5 — (W)

Only spread that I like straight up: Miami -3 over Buffalo.

There’s tons …

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Posted by in Site News on November 27th, 2009 | Comment »


10-0 in my last 10 picks. Let me boast about it while you guys boost my ego in the comments section after my morale was busted after 2 poor weeks in the NFL.

If you guys wanted a rebound, you got one! I told you that I would not let 2 subpar weeks in the NFL get me down.  We are up BIG on the season, really BIG. We built up a bankroll, gave a nominal amount back in the past two weeks, but we fought back and got even higher than where we were just 3 weeks ago.

I mixed it up a bit, started doing some teasers, and it’s been working like a charm, and more importantly, I’ve gotten back to college football where there are more games to pick and EASIER games to win, especially at this point in the season when you can really get a good read on a team. In the NFL, anything can happen and it usually does, but in college football, you can do much better against the spread overall despite the occasional upset that leaves you puzzled.  That’s just because the disparity between teams in the NFL are much smaller than the disparity in college football and when you can spot that, you can make a killing (e.g.: Rutgers -3 over Louisville).

The teasers have just been money lately.  If you took my Pitt teaser per my recommendation, it saved your ass since you had Pitt +7 and WVU escaped with the W by a field goal. The under 55 in that one was practically a lock, so why not add the points to a spread that’s on the bubble?Even the under 48 …

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