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NFL Draft Preview: Rumors Abound as Bradford Settles in to Top Spot

Posted by in NFL General on March 30th, 2010 | Comment »

With 2010’s NFL Draft just one month away, the league feels like a schoolyard as rumors and gossip begin to grow. With the Donovan McNabb lottery already in full swing, it appears that news of other deals in the NFC East are getting fans and sportsbook odds makers talking.

Reports indicate that Dallas Cowboys’ running back Marion Barber could be dealt after suffering a myriad injuries over the past few seasons – especially given the fact that the team lacks depth in other areas, and coach Jerry Jones has publicly stated he prefers Felix Jones in the starting spot over Barber. It remains to be seen whether or not Dallas is actually interested in dealing Barber, and it is important to note that it would take significant interest from another franchise in order to generate the kind of offer Dallas would be looking for.

Oklahoma’s QB Sam Bradford is widely considered the number one pick in the draft by online sports book cappers and other expert prognosticators. With nine of the last 12 overall top picks being quarterbacks, Bradford’s elevation over Ndamukong Suh, Nebraska’s formidable defensive tackle and another frontrunner for the number one spot – was not surprising for many fans.

With the St. Louis Rams tipped to choose first, may pundits are predicting head coach Steve Spagnuolo will go against his tendencies to think defense first, and jump at the chance to pick up a franchise quarterback in Bradford. While many individuals have questioned Bradford’s durability, don’t expect such concerns to dissuade Spagnuolo from jumping on the opportunity to snag the future star.

In terms of other picks, CJ Spiller, a leader in mock drafts and expected to be the first running back selected, while Tim Tebow – …

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NFL Off Season News: Tebow Continues to Drop

Posted by in NFL General on March 25th, 2010 | Comment »

This time of year is filled with sports betting excitement. While everyone is watching their March madness picks there is also the anticipation of the NFL draft that starts April 22. The super casino odds on who the number one overall pick will be seem to be pointing more towards Sam Bradford going to the St. Louis Rams, but nothing is set as of now.

College basketball odds and NFL draft odds are similar in that there is no sure thing when the clock starts ticking. The only thing that has become readily apparent in the weeks since the combine in Indianapolis and the various pro days at each school is that Tim Tebow’s stock is tumbling. The former Heisman Trophy winner is now considered by many experts to be a high second round pick and his chances of being an NFL starter in his rookie year are all but gone.

The drama surrounding Pittsburgh Steeler QB and two-time Super Champion Ben Roethlisberger continues to grow. Georgia law enforcement officials have decided to not ask for a sample of Big Ben’s DNA in association with the on-going investigation into the sexual assault allegations by a 20-year-old female.

Roethlisberger has not yet been interviewed by the police in connection with the investigation, but there is a growing feeling that there may be charges pressed this time and that the QB may face punishment from the law and from the NFL. The league is waiting to see what the law does, and Commissioner Roger Goodell has indicated that he will speak to Roethlisberger personally very soon.

The owners voted in a new rule change by a vote of 28 to 4 that will change the way overtime is played in the playoffs. …

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NFL Mock Draft – The First 10 Picks

Posted by in NFL Draft on March 22nd, 2010 | Comment »

Pick 1 – St. Louis Cardinals – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma

The St. Louis Rams have given up on QB Marc Bulger and had no faith in Kyle Boller to begin with. Boller was brought in to be the back-up to the eventual starter. It looks like that starter will be Sam Bradford.

This would not be a bad pick if it were not for Bradford’s injury history. Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen is more durable and better equipped to play behind that horrible offensive line in St. Louis. But the Rams need to also put fans in the seats, and Bradford is the guy to do that.

Pick 2 – Detroit Lions – Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma State

If the Detroit Lions do not do something to fix their offensive line then they will wind up getting QB Matt Stafford killed before the end of the 2010 season. Okung is fast, strong and smart. He is a natural on the offensive line, and he is just what the Lions need to protect Stafford’s blind side.

Pick 3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma

The Buccaneers lost more games last season because they could not put the other team away than any other reason. They could not put pressure on the opposing QB, they could not stop the run and they could not prevent other teams from throwing the ball up the middle. McCoy is a big and fast DT that can get to the QB and clog up the middle in time for the linebackers to get there and shut the run down. McCoy will start and make an impact for the Buccaneers.

Pick 4 – Washington Redskins – Jimmy

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The Browns Make Some Moves

Posted by in NFL General on March 18th, 2010 | Comment »

The sportsbook betting world and the online betting community have not made the Cleveland Browns their primary concern for quite a while. The sportsbook reviews on the Browns usually amounted to an NFL doormat that had a potential marquee QB in Brady Quinn, but never amounted to much. With the March madness betting in full swing, the Browns are starting to make some moves that may help them be more competitive in the 2010 season.

In 2009 the Browns jumped back and for the between QBs Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. When that idea led to a 5-11 record, the Browns brought in Mike Holmgren and began to re-evaluate their situation.

Derek Anderson wound up signing with the Arizona Cardinals to compete for the starting QB job left behind by the retired Kurt Warner. Brady Quinn was shipped off to Denver to make a further mess of the QB situation with the Broncos. The first player Holgren brought in was Seattle QB Seneca Wallace. While few were prepared to give the starting job to Wallace, there was a feeling in Cleveland that he could compete for the job.

The next move the Browns made was to bring in Jake Delhomme to compete with Wallace for the starting position. Now the Browns have two QBs with NFL experience that want the starting job. As soon as the Browns address their offensive line, then they can begin to build an offense.

Tim Tebow heard the rumors swirling around about him. He heard that his throwing motion was too deliberate and he heard that his accuracy was suspect. He worked on both and scouts say that Tebow really impressed them at his recent pro day workout. Tebow has tightened up his motion, worked …

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Uncapped Free Agency Continues

Posted by in NFL General on March 15th, 2010 | Comment »

There were more than a few sportsbook questions heading in to the NFL’s first uncapped free agent signing period since 1993. One week later, a lot of those questions now have answered, with several teams making big additions to their teams, and several teams deciding to stand pat.

The biggest online betting winner so far is the Chicago Bears, naturally, after they signed the biggest free agent prize in defensive end Julius Peppers, and the perfect complement to Matt Forte at running back in Chester Taylor. A five-time Pro Bowl rushing end, and two-time All-Pro, Peppers adds the speed presence off the edge that fits perfectly in the Cover-2 defensive scheme in Chicago. In tandem with the return to health of linebacker Brian Urlacher, the Bears’ coaching staff is hoping their defense can return to the form that led them to an NFC Championship in 2007. Taylor, who complemented Pro Bowl running back Adrian Peterson for the rival Minnesota Vikings brings experience, durability, and a receiving option out of the back field.

Another team that has been very busy in the offseason is the New York Jets. After falling to the Indianapolis Colts in the AFC Championship game, the Jets raided the roster of one of the few teams that have enjoyed success against the Colts in recent years, the San Diego Chargers. After trading for former Pro Bowl cornerback Antonio Cromartie, the Jets signed free agent running back LaDanian Tomlinson to a two-year deal to fill the void created by the release of Thomas Jones. Despite having the top ranked rushing attack, the Jets chose to release Jones and go with the 2006 NFL MVP as a complement to sophomore running back Shonn Greene. Tomlinson ranks eighth on the …

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Top Five Places Where Michael Vick Should Go

Posted by in NFL General on March 11th, 2010 | Comment »

Even though March Madness odds are the focus right now, online betting players always have one eye and ear open for some NFL news, and a lot of people are wondering where Michael Vick will end up. Philadelphia picked up the option for Vick this year, but with Kevin Kolb as the heir apparent to Donovan McNabb, who has also been the focus of trade speculation, there is no room for Vick in Philly. Here are the most likely destinations for Vick.


Really, there’s probably no better place for Vick to land. He would be embraced by Raider Nation, and the Raiders badly need a replacement for JaMarcus Russell, who is in the running for worst No.1 pick ever. Al Davis is obsessed with speed, and he probably won’t notice that Vick doesn’t have much of that. The Raiders just need someone to get the fans excited about their team again.

St. Louis

Again, the Rams need someone to excite their fans, and it’s clear that Marc Bulger is no longer the No.1 guy. Vick would be a welcome addition to the backfield, and he’d probably create more space for Steven Jackson, who has been a good soldier throughout this ordeal. However, the Rams may just get a pivot in the draft.


If you had to take bookmaker odds (bookmaker reviews), this could be the most likely spot. The Panthers just got rid of Jake Delhomme, and although they want to see what Matt Moore is made of after he led them to a 4-1 record down the stretch. Vick has added motivation as the Panthers play in the same division as Atlanta, and we all know Brett Favre wanted to move to Minnesota to stick …

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NFL Offseason News

Posted by in NFL General on March 8th, 2010 | Comment »

There has been a great deal of NFL offseason news since the combine closed up shop last week in Indianapolis. The world of sports betting may have to consider some changes to various NFL teams as a series of events start to come together at the same time.

As you read these betting tips keep in mind that the thing driving much of these rumors and the actual moves made by teams is the fear of an uncapped season in 2011. For all the good has tried to do in maintaining law and order in the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell has failed to bring about peace with a new collective bargaining agreement. Teams are now bracing for complete chaos as soon as the 2010 season ends.

One of the NFL predictions being made involves the future of Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia. The Eagles picked up the option on Michael Vick and now there is a lot of talk about a salary dump being done that would result in Donovan McNabb being cut by the Eagles before July. That would leave the Eagles with Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick at quarterback. At that point the Eagles can be written off for the 2010 season as they are not winning without Donovan McNabb.

Once the Kyle Orton, Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels experiment failed so miserably in Denver it was only a matter of time before the finger pointing began. All fingers are pointing squarely at Brandon Marshall. It is not surprising given Marshall’s flair for the dramatic and his ability to completely disrupt a team. One of the projected landing places for Marshall is Cincinnati. With the way Marvin Lewis has his team under control even with disruptive personalities like Chad …

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