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Football season is over, now what?

Posted by in Site News on February 8th, 2008 | Comment »

For the past five months, the focus of this blog has been to provide weekly football betting advice.  For the most part, it has come with good results and I will continue to provide the  same weekly in-depth coverage for the 2008 season.

For those who want daily betting advice on the NHL, NBA, or MLB, make sure to check out those sites.

So what the hell am I going to be doing during this 6-month void?  Well I’ll occasionally put up some football commentary on the more intriguing NFL storylines in the offseason, especially a lot of coverage on the draft, and I’ll provide some links to must read articles.  Most of my sports-blog reading consists of three sites:  With Leather, Awful Announcing, and Sportaphile.  I’ll also give a lot of credit to Hugging Harold Reynolds and some of the other blogs on the blog roll.

So check back periodically and we’ll be back in FULL FORCE in August.

I’ll leave you with a few items to check out:

Wallpaper of Tom Brady’s girlfriend [Anonymous Junkyard]

Tony Romo allegedly cheated on Jessica Simpson [Hugging Harold Reynolds]

Why does Sean Salisbury have to be such an asshole? Leave poor Patrick Clayton Alone.  Sean must have been the ultimate bully back in the 5th grade.  [With Leather]

Bill Belichick going nutz. Fake press conference, the guy pulls off a pretty good Belichick impression. [With Leather]

Athlete-Rapper Look-A-Likes. You will die of laughter. [Sportaphile]

The Definitive Anti New England Patriots Propaganda Photo Post. MUST-SEE! You will definitely want to bookmark this if you happen to know any Massholes.  Karma is a bitch, isn’t it Belichick?  [Sportaphile]

Super Bowl 43 Logo.  Kind of weak, but what can you do; it’s gotta be hard to design 43 different logos.  [Awful Announcing]

Until next time.  Enjoy.

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