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2009 Fantasy Football Rankings Cheat Sheet (51-100)

Posted by in Fantasy Football on July 28th, 2009 | Comment »

51.) Willie Parker (RB) — Started off 2009 with a bang, but quickly went down with an injury. With Rashad Mendenhall likely to see an increased role and durability concerns, he’s fallen down by board, but he is a potential steal if other teams avoid him and you’re able to pick him up late.

52.) Larry Johnson (RB) — I’m assuming a lot of teams will be avoiding him, but he may be worth a 6th round pick if he can get his act together.

53.) Leon Washington (RB) — I’m pretty high on Leon Washington this season.  The Jets are committed to the run and Washington should see an increased role for the Jets.  Had 800 combined yards and 8 TDs last season with only 76 rushing attempts.  Look for 150 attempts this season.  Thomas Jones mileage is getting high and Leon Washington is due to step up big.  He’s also in a contract year and has expressed his unhappiness with not getting a new deal, so there’s an issue on whether that will affect his playing time this eason.

54.) Ray Rice (RB) — Is #1 on the Raven’s depth chart ahead of Willis McGahee due to McGahee’s knee injury.  A lot of people are high on him this year and he may be a real steal in this year’s draft.  If he’s still around in the 6th round, he’s a good grab.

55.) LenDale White (RB) — After he’s slimmed down, he’s looking to have a very good year, but Chris Johnson is taking the majority of the workload.  He still should be the Titans goalline back and that could mean 12-15 TDs.

56.) Braylon Edwards (WR) — Huge fantasy bust last season after an exceptional 2007 season.  1,300 yards with 16 TDs in 2007 was ridiculous, but you should expect at least 1,000 yards and 6 TDs this season.  He can only improve upon his 873 yards and 3 TDs from last season.

57.) Anthony Gonzalez (WR) — In his sophomore year with Peyton Manning, this pick is screaming out “steal.”  I’m not willing to reach too high for him when a Bernard Berrian, Lee Evans, or Santana Moss will post just as good stats.

58.) Vincent Jackson (WR) — Becoming Rivers go-to guy.  Has room to improve upon a 1,100 yard and 7 TD 2008 season.

59.) Antonio Bryant (WR) — Came out of nowhere last season.  For a guy who you could pick up on waivers at week 4, he was a fantasy star and is a great third receiver for any fantasy team.

60.) Tony Romo (QB) — Without T.O., I don’t see him having a major fantasy impact this season.

61.) Matt Ryan (QB) — After Rivers, Warner, Rodgers, and McNabb go, keep a close eye on Ryan and then Cutler.  In his sophomore year, he should only improve on an impressive 3,500 yard, 16 TD season.  Look for more chemistry with Roddy White and Michael Jenkins.  He also has Tony Gonzalez to work with.  I’m anticipating 20-24 TDs this season and close to 4,000 yards.

62.) Jay Cutler (QB) — Was a tremendous fantasy QB with Brandon Marhsll and Eddie Royal last season, but he doesn’t have many weapons to work with on the Bears.  Matt Forte, Devin Hester, and Greg Olson should be enough to work with though to put up decent numbers.

63.) Brandon Marshall (WR) — He would be much higher up on my board, but he’s not paired with Jay Cutler anymore and he was just indefinitely suspended by his team.  Who knows how many games that means.  I passed on him last year due to the suspension and regretted it, but his situation this year only looks worse.  I’m staying away.

64.) Eddie Royal (WR) — I would like this guy a lot more if he was still with Jay Cutler.  He still gets a lot of receptions, can always break one open, and used often in end-arounds.  Had just shy of 1,200 combined yards last season along with 5 TDs.

65.) Bernard Berrian (WR) — Brett Favre with this deep threat could see a substantial improvement on his still-impressive 964 yards and 7 TDs.

66.) Donald Brown (RB) — There’s a reason the Colts pulled the trigger on Donald Brown in round 1 of the draft even though they have Joseph Addai.  They expect to work in Donald Brown a lot, especially as a receiving RB.  He will be able to put up great receiving yards with Peyton Manning and may even jump ahead of Joseph Addai on the depth chart by the end of the year.

67.) Derrick Ward (RB) — He got a $35 million contract.  The Bucs didn’t pay him to be just a a backup — he’s going to get the ball a lot, but the trio of him, Earnest Graham, and Cadillac Williams has me concerned about whether he’ll get enough carries to have a fantasy impact each and every week.

68.) Cadillac Williams (RB) — He’s #1 on the Bucs depth chart, but he’ll be splitting carries with Derrick Ward.  The injury is a bit of a concern — he’s had 2 major knee surgeries, but he looked during week 3 of the preseason.  If he can be what he was in his rookie season, this could be a high-risk/high-reward pick.

69.) LeSean McCoy (RB) — When Westbrook is out, this guy is a fantasy star for the Eagles.  McCoy is the real deal and even with a healthy Westbrook, McCoy is poised for 10-15 carries a game and can really make things happen in the rushing and receiving game.

70.) Santonio Holmes (WR) — Has more upside than Hines Ward, but will have 130 yards one game and 20 yards the next.  Great deep threat, but was a bit of a bust last year.

71.) Hines Ward (WR) — Consistency is the story.  1,000 yards, 7 TDs.

72.) Santana Moss (WR) — Had 1,004 yards and 6 TDs last season.  He’s still a great deep threat and always seems to come up big against the Cowboys.

73.) Roy Williams (WR) — With T.O. gone, he should be Tony Romo’s go-to guy, but he’s already battling some injuries again this season, which has hurt his stock.  He looked lost out there in Dallas last year, but hopefully an offseason together with Romo has developed some chemistry.  Only 430 yards and 2 TD last season following a 838 yard, 5 TD season with the Lions the previous year.  A full healthy season could have him return to 1,000 yards and 6 TDs.

74.) Dallas Clark (TE) — I’m not going to try to grab Clark anything earlier than the 7th round — there’s a lot of good TEs out there that can post similar numbers.  800 yards and 8 TDs is a good target for Clark.  It may be worth it to pass on Clark and go with Greg Olson in a much later round, who in his 3rd year with Jay Cutler, he’ll have a breakout year.

75.) Jerricho Cotchery (WR) — Underrated receiver.  Quality pick.  Sanchez’s go-to guy.

76.) Tory Holt (WR) — He may be up there in years, but he’s still got it.  Defenses focused on MJD will leave Holt with more looks than he had with the Rams last season.

77.) Lee Evans (WR) — Always has about 1,000 yards, but is innefective in the redzone.  With T.O. getting a lot of attention, Lee Evans will have less double teams and can be more effective for the Bills passing game.

78.) Kevin Walter (WR) — Great waiver pickup for me last season.  Had 900 yards and 8 TDs.

79.) Lance Moore (WR) — 928 yards and 10 TDs last season.  A redzone favorite for Drew Brees.  New Orleans carousel of WRs and a healthy Colston may take away from those number this season though.

80.) James Davis (RB) — STEAL ALERT! Davis is drawing a lot of praise from the Browns.  This guy is fast and should take a lot of carries away from Jamal Lewis.  Look at these preseason numbers.

81.) Chris “Beanie” Wells (RB) — Right now Tim Hightower is the Cardinal’s #1 back, but there’s more fantasy upside with Beanie Wells.

82.) Jamal Lewis (RB) — May lose carries to James Davis, but is still the Browns main RB.  Only 1,000 yards and 4 TDs last season.

83.) Cedric Benson (RB) — His YPC sucks, but he’s Cincinnati’s only back, so he’ll get your decent fantasy numbers for your 3rd RB.

84.) Rashard Mendenhall (RB) — Coming off an injury and the backup to an oft-injured Willie Parker.  The two of them should split carries this season.

85.) Jonathan Stewart (RB) — Achilles injury is a major concern.  Gets a lot of TD carries.  Had 10 last year with 800 yards, but DeAngelo takes too many carries away from him.

86.) Ahmad Bradshaw (RB) — A quality backup to Brandon Jacobs who still gets a lot of carries and should get even more with Derrick Ward gone.

87.) Greg Olson (TE) — Should be Jay Cutler’s best friend this season, look for Olson to break out in his 3rd season.

88.) Owen Daniels (TE) — A solid TE that has a ton of potential for more TDs this season.

89.) Devin Hester (WR) — Another year of experience under his belt combined with Jay Cutler could result in a breakout season.

90.) Jeremy Maclin (WR) — Another potential steal in this draft who should be #2 on the Eagles depth chart.

91.) Julius Jones (RB) — Had a solid season last year.  Will split carries with Ederrin James.

92.) Felix Jones (RB) — A very fast runner who should be getting more carries this season.  Also a tremendous receiving threat.

93.) Donald Driver (WR) — 5 straight 1,000 yard seasons, but he’s getting up there in years.

94.) Matt Schaub (QB) — Do you think he has enough weapons at his disposal?  Has always battled injuries, but a great mid-round QB grab.

95.) Matt Hasselbeck (QB) — With T.J. Houshmandzadeh, he should come back strong from the injury.

96.) Carson Palmer (QB) — Has the opportunity to come back strong from the injury with a focused Chad Johnson, Laveraneus Coles, and Chris Henry.  There’s good things coming out of the Bengals camp.  People are saying they have a chance to be a .500 team or better.

97.) Steve Breaston (WR) — Despite being the Cardinals #3 receiver, he still had 1,000 yards.

98.) Laveraneus Coles (WR) — Solid fantasy numbers last year with 850 yards and 7 TDs.

99.) Chris Cooley (TE) — Always puts of great yardage for a TE in the 750-900 area.  Should get back to 5-8 TDs from his 1 TD last season.

100.) Kellen Winslow (TE) — Now with the Tampa Bay Bucs, look for him to return from a down season.

101.) Darren Sproles (RB) — What a tremendous season last year, but a health L.T. will do whatever it takes to keep him on the sideline.

102.) Brett Favre (QB) –With Bernard Berrian and Percy Harvin, Favre can make magic in Minnesota.

103.) Percy Harvin (WR) — With Adrian Peterson, and the deep ball connection with Berndard Berrian from Brett Favre, Harvin can get a lot of underneath routes and turn them into big yards ala Wes Welker or Eddie Royal.

104.) John Carlson (TE) — A tremendous receiving TE entering his 2nd season.  This 2nd-round pick in 2008 is due for a much better year coming off impressive 627 yard and 5 TD season on a bad Seahawks team that has improved this season.

105.) Dustin Keller (TE) — A great receiving TE in his 2nd year.  As Sanchez’s safety blanket, he should have a big year.

106.) Chase Coffman (TE) — A GREAT rookie receiving TE with Carson Palmer.

107.) Earnest Graham (RB) — Has been tremendous the last season and a TD machine for the Bucs, but I don’t like this year’s outlook as much as last year’s.  He will be splitting carries with Derrick Ward AND Cadillac Williams, so that has hurt his stock a lot.  He has fallen back down to #3 on the depth chart.

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