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Revenge of the Books: Underdog Weekend

Posted by in NFL Picks on November 15th, 2009 | Comment »

The books were due for a comeback. They’ve been dominated by THE PASS RUSH for three straight weeks and today was their day. It seemed as if every underdog was able to cover. So far this week, 9 out of 13 underdogs covered.

The way the spreads looked, I don’t think I would have played it any different. I loved the Saints pick and did not see the Rams as a potential threat to score 23 points when they average 6.3 PPG. The Broncos should have defeated the Redskins.  They had a 14-7 lead thanks to 2 deep TD passes from Kyle Orton, but Kyle Orton was injured in the 2nd quarter, had to leave the game, and the Broncos backup QB was completely worthless. The Packers lose to the Bucs last week and dominate the Cowboys this week? What is going on in the NFL?

In our pick ’em league, 19/20 people picked the Saints -13.5 over the Rams, so don’t point the finger, we were all fooled. 20/20 picked Denver -3.5 over the Redskins, but the Orton injury cost us that one.

In THE PASS RUSH pick ’em league, only 2 out of 20 teams finished above .500, so that tells you just what kind of week it truly was.

At least the Titans and Patriots prevented what would have could have been a painful week.   Another crazy week in the NFL. Every week can’t be easy.

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