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NFL Divisional Playoff Picks Against the Spread

Posted by in NFL Picks on January 14th, 2010 | Comment »

At first site, I thought the spreads were average, but now I’m starting to fall more in love with my picks. But you’re not going to make big money in the playoffs — the easy money was made betting against the Lions, Raiders, Rams, Bucs, Browns, and Chiefs in the first half of the season before the books caught on. That part of the season is over.  Now we have some fun money to play around with and that’s all we’re going to do. No big bets for me this week, but a little something to keep things fun.

You should also sign up for a FACEBOOK PAGE, which I just made, to keep in touch with us through the offseason.  Do it! I’m doing the pick ’em league next year too with the winner getting an NFL custom shop t-shirt. Deez Nutz just won a Vikings t-shirt.  Pretty cool.

Onto last week’s summary.

Luckily, we hit the Ravens last week.  I told you Ray Rice would have a big game and that Randy Moss would get shut down, but I didn’t want to wager too much on the road against the undefeated Tom Brady at home in the playoffs.  But I went with my gut and took the Ravens to get a little back after the Bengals let me down.

My thesis on Bengals winning at home was wrong since Mark Sanchez didn’t suck like he usually does since all he had to do is hand the ball off to that fat ass from Iowa University who had a monster game and that Darrelle Revis guy shut down Chad Johnson.  Fortunately for Sanchez and his half-stache, he has the privilege of having the best offensive line in football.

Revis is the best CB in the NFL right now.  End of story.  The guy held Andre Johnson to 35 yards and that’s all you really need to know about that guy.  Despite the Jets having a QB with a QB rating in the 10 percentile of the league, the Jets are legitimate since they play defense and their offense can run the ball on anyone.  Can you imagine if the Jets make it to the Super Bowl? I dread the thought, but it’s entirely feasible the way they play D and run the ball.

Yes, my Eagles were clearly pathetic.  I didn’t want to touch them against Dallas and was simply trying to stay positive with the “you can beat a team three times in one year talk.” We all knew Dallas had the Eagles number. Hopefully, you didn’t take that game or common sense told you to take Dallas. I couldn’t say take Dallas — that would be blasphemy and punishable by being pelted with snowballs to face. It’s time for the Eagles to draft an offensive lineman in the first round of next year’s draft and for the love of God, get a free safety that is qualified to carry Brian Dawkin’s jock.  I had high expectations for Macho Harris and Quinten Demps, but he they’re not starters and neither are the one-year band-aides the Eagles got to try and replace Dawk.

The Packers and Cardinals game was entertaining as hell.  Too bad the Pack handed the Cards 14 points right off the bat since they should have won that one.

I digress.  Onto this week’s spreads…


Should be a shootout.  New Orleans was losing steam at the end of the season and their banged up secondary could be a problem for them this game.  I think the Saints defense has a hard time getting off the football field this game.  The Cardinals can run the football with Wells and obviously pass it when they need to and I think their defense is better than the Saints.  Right now, I’m leaning towards taking the points, but I wouldn’t be surprised if the Saints completely lit up the Cardinals either.  I was expecting the over/under to be something like 59 since you can expect each team to score around 30 points give or take a TD for each team.  The over/under is 57, so I think what you do in this game is take the points and the over.  In other words, Cardinals +14 and over 50 is my play in this game.

Prediction: Saints 34 – Cardinals 31

Free Pick: 7 Point Teaser – Cardinals +14, Over 50


I like the Colts here.  They’re at home and have rest.  But the Ravens were so impressive last week, right?  Well, it’s not hard to beat the Patriots without Wes Welker.  You double team Randy Moss and stack the box to prevent the run. It’s an easy thing to do. Plus, plenty of turnovers just landed right in their hands.  The Colts defense plays fast and gets to the ball quickly.  I think they can contain Ray Rice. If you forgot, the Ravens played the Colts in Baltimore earlier this season and beat them 17-15.  Ray Rice had 71 rushing yards on 20 attempts, a 3.5 average — his lowest rushing average of the season.  However, he did burn them for 64 yards receiving.  The Ravens D will keep in close, but I think Manning has a field day against CBs Carr and Foxworth — sure they’re good, but they’re no McAllister and Rolle.  Ed Reed is also a little banged up.  Like I said, I like the Colts, but the 6.5 points is a lot to give up on D that keeps it close.  Don’t be shocked by a Colts win in the 3-4 point range, but I think they can win by 7-10.

Prediction: Colts 24 – Ravens 17

Free Pick: Colts -6.5; A teaser of Colts +0.5, Under 51 looks like a possible play.


A lot of people like Dallas in this one.  The Dallas D is playing insane right now and I think Tony Romo will have a lot of success against the Vikings secondary.  Cowboys have the 4th best rushing D in the league, which bodes rather well for them against AP.  The Vikings have been dominant at home. You thought they were headed off a cliff after the Bears loss, their 3rd loss in 4 games? They came out and crushed the Giants.  The Vikings are 8-0 at home.  That’s right — undefeated at home, which has me liking the Vikings this game despite everyone jumping on the Cowboys bandwagon.  Dallas is certainly capable of going into Minnesota and pulling off the upset, but I think their chances of doing that are 45% so I give a tip of the hat to the Vikings. Vikings win in a close one, but a disclaimer to all of you: my emotions and hatred for the Cowboys are clearly affecting my judgment in this one.

Prediction: Vikings 27 – Dallas 24

Free Pick: Vikings -2.5


The Jets D was outstanding last week and proved why that have the #1 defense in the NFL.  You also have to be a bit concerned about how the Charger’s 20th ranked run D will fair against the Jets solid running attack.  With the Jets D and running game, I think they have a great chance to cover the 7 points here.  You have to count on Darrelle Revis to contain Vincent Jackson.  The Chargers have not done so well when they’ve had to cover 7 or more points this season.  This is why 10/11 experts at are taking the Jets.  I find it hard to bet against a team at home going into this game with 11 straight wins, but I think the Jets are dangerous.  The Jets D will force the Chargers to punt more than they would like to and the Jets 4th ranked rushing attack will pick up first downs, eat up clock, and win the time of possession battle.  I think you’re best served taking the points.  I’m expecting the Jets D to limit the Chargers points and with a great running team against a team that struggles against the run, I think that’s a huge advantage in favor of the Jets.

Prediction: Chargers 24 – Jets 20

Free Pick: Jets +7


Good luck!

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