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NFL Offseason News

Posted by in NFL General on March 8th, 2010 | Comment »

There has been a great deal of NFL offseason news since the combine closed up shop last week in Indianapolis. The world of sports betting may have to consider some changes to various NFL teams as a series of events start to come together at the same time.

As you read these betting tips keep in mind that the thing driving much of these rumors and the actual moves made by teams is the fear of an uncapped season in 2011. For all the good has tried to do in maintaining law and order in the NFL, commissioner Roger Goodell has failed to bring about peace with a new collective bargaining agreement. Teams are now bracing for complete chaos as soon as the 2010 season ends.

One of the NFL predictions being made involves the future of Donovan McNabb in Philadelphia. The Eagles picked up the option on Michael Vick and now there is a lot of talk about a salary dump being done that would result in Donovan McNabb being cut by the Eagles before July. That would leave the Eagles with Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick at quarterback. At that point the Eagles can be written off for the 2010 season as they are not winning without Donovan McNabb.

Once the Kyle Orton, Brandon Marshall and Josh McDaniels experiment failed so miserably in Denver it was only a matter of time before the finger pointing began. All fingers are pointing squarely at Brandon Marshall. It is not surprising given Marshall’s flair for the dramatic and his ability to completely disrupt a team. One of the projected landing places for Marshall is Cincinnati. With the way Marvin Lewis has his team under control even with disruptive personalities like Chad Ochocinco and rookie lineman Andre Smith, it looks like the Bengals could be a good choice for Marshall’s career. The Bengals would then have Carson Palmer throwing to Chad Ochocinco and Brandon Marshall. That would be a potent offense.

There has been a lot of speculation on the impact that Julius Peppers and Chester Taylor will have in Chicago after the Bears gave both players lucrative contracts. Lost in the negative talk about Peppers is Brian Urlacher. With Peppers up front and Urlacher monitoring the linebacker spot, teams are going to find it increasingly difficult to run against the Bears. If Tommie Harris can step up on the defensive line and help shut down the pass, the Bears could have a potent defense in 2010.

Chester Taylor joins tight end Brandon Manumaleuna as two very high-profile signings for the Bears’ offense. The question with the Bears on offense remains Jay Cutler. There is a growing sentiment in Chicago that you could surround Cutler with an all-star cast and he would still find a way to mess it up. Cutler has a cannon for an arm and he is incredibly accurate with his throws, the problem is his decision making. Cutler holds the ball for too long, and much of the time he throws the ball exactly where he shouldn’t. The Bears will need to upgrade their offensive line and give Cutler more time if they want him to make better decisions.

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