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The Browns Make Some Moves

Posted by in NFL General on March 18th, 2010 | Comment »

The sportsbook betting world and the online betting community have not made the Cleveland Browns their primary concern for quite a while. The sportsbook reviews on the Browns usually amounted to an NFL doormat that had a potential marquee QB in Brady Quinn, but never amounted to much. With the March madness betting in full swing, the Browns are starting to make some moves that may help them be more competitive in the 2010 season.

In 2009 the Browns jumped back and for the between QBs Derek Anderson and Brady Quinn. When that idea led to a 5-11 record, the Browns brought in Mike Holmgren and began to re-evaluate their situation.

Derek Anderson wound up signing with the Arizona Cardinals to compete for the starting QB job left behind by the retired Kurt Warner. Brady Quinn was shipped off to Denver to make a further mess of the QB situation with the Broncos. The first player Holgren brought in was Seattle QB Seneca Wallace. While few were prepared to give the starting job to Wallace, there was a feeling in Cleveland that he could compete for the job.

The next move the Browns made was to bring in Jake Delhomme to compete with Wallace for the starting position. Now the Browns have two QBs with NFL experience that want the starting job. As soon as the Browns address their offensive line, then they can begin to build an offense.

Tim Tebow heard the rumors swirling around about him. He heard that his throwing motion was too deliberate and he heard that his accuracy was suspect. He worked on both and scouts say that Tebow really impressed them at his recent pro day workout. Tebow has tightened up his motion, worked on getting the snap from under center and has improved his accuracy. The NFL scouts were so impressed that Tebow has been invited to be at the NFL draft in April, which is an honor usually reserved for recognized first round draft picks.

Whether Tebow really raised his value up to the first round of the draft remains to be seen, but what scouts do know now is that Tebow can be successfully coached.

The NFL owners meet next week and one of the issues on their agenda is overtime in the playoffs. For years some owners and scores of people from the media have been dismayed by the current NFL overtime system. It seems that whomever wins the toss would win the game. Now the owners are considering a system similar to the college system where each team gets at least one offensive possession in overtime. The problem is that they are only considering it for the playoffs. Overtime had a resurgence in 2009 but it was still a rare thing to see. Considering how important every game in the regular season can be to making the playoffs, what is good for the playoffs should be good for the regular season as well.

LaDanian Tomlinson has been signed by the Jets to replace Thomas Jones, who went to Kansas City, and help to mentor second year player Shonn Greene. It is doubtful that Tomlinson will be able to produce like Jones did, so now the Jets running game is in the hands of Greene.

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