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NFL Wildcard Sunday Picks Against the Spread

Posted by in NFL Picks on January 7th, 2012 | Comment »

At the time of this post, it looks like the Lions pick is panning out according to plan. The Lions got the opportunity to set the tone by scoring the first touchdown of the day, which was the key to their gameplan, as they’ll be able to carry a 14-10 lead into halftime which gives those with the points a 14.5-point lead at halftime. Let’s take a look at Sunday’s action.


First, full disclosure, I am an Eagles fan so I am never going to take the Giants in the playoffs, so this pick is totally bias. First, the Giants are inconsistent. They can either be on fire or they can absolutely suck. They can manage to beat the Cowboys twice and the Jets once, but they’ll lose to the Redskins and Seahawks. I guess you can call division games never easy and the Seahawks game a fluke. This is a pretty even match-up. Homefield advantage is key. If this is played in Atlanta, you take the Falcons — no doubt about it. ┬áBut with the game played in New York, it gives the Giants a legitimate shot. Both offenses are quite impressive. Even there. Both have good defenses. Even there. I just want to see the Giants lose so I’ll go Falcons here.

Prediction: Falcons 27 – Giants 24

Pick Against the Spread: Falcons +3 (Confidence: 3/5)


This is going to be an ugly game. The over/under 33.5 is telling of that. The Steelers D is going to absolutely stifle Tim Tebow and the Broncos. The Steelers have given up an average of 14 PPG during the season and 9.7 PPG in their last 3 games. Pittsburgh’s offense is only averaging 14.3 PPG in their last 3 and 15.6 PPG on the road. I think you see the Steelers score around 17 points, plus or minus 3. How many points can Tebow get the Broncos? Realistically, maybe 10 points, plus or minus 3… if he’s lucky. I think you see the Steelers win by a TD in a low-scoring game. The Steelers are capable of shutting out the Broncos or holding them to a pair of field goals, maybe a touchdown if Tebow gets lucky. The Steelers don’t score a lot of points though, it’s just going to be ground and pound. I say you go Steelers, but I expect their margin of victory to be around 7 in a 13-6 or 17-10 game. With the over/under at 33.5, under 40.5 seems like a lock with the Steelers. I say use the points to tease the Steelers down to -2. I don’t think the Broncos have what it takes to upset a team with as much playoff experience as the Steelers have.

Prediction: Steelers 13 – Broncos 6

Teaser: Steelers -2/Under 40.5 (Confidence: 4/5)

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