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Posted by in College Football Picks, NFL Picks on October 10th, 2009 | Comment »

It was a tremendous Saturday for THE PASS RUSH. Vegas’s and Brandon’s college football picks went a combined 11-4 (73.33%).  That’s more than 2 out of 3.  As Meatloaf would say, 2 outa 3 ain’t bad. Anytime you’re picking 2 out of 3 winners, you’re doing damn good. In fact, if you’re hitting 55-60% of your picks, you’re doing your job.  We also started off the day going 8-1 with our first 9 picks in the early games on Saturday.  It’s always good to get those early winners.

Brandon’s posted picks went 6-3. Including his last minute picks of Maryland and Utah, he scored an 8-3 record.  That’s why you guys gotta read the comments.  That’s where you’ll get last-minute updates on spreads and the hot games to take right before kickoff.  Also be sure to leave some of your own thoughts on the games.

Brandon proved all the haters wrong on his Kentucky +9 call on the road against South Carolina. What makes this week all the better is that Brandon’s “call of the week” (Oregon St.) — a.k.a. his 2-unit bet (on his 1-2 unit scale for you rookies) — was a big winner.

Vegas Martin’s picks went 3-1. He picked 4 college games. The 3 games he was most confident in all hit. The sole game that he lost he even gave a mere 1/5 confidence rating and picked it purely on hunch due to his theory that FSU would win this game for Coach Bowden. FSU was close, but no cigar, losing by a score of 49-44.

I’m not counting the LSU game since I specifically advised you fools to avoid betting on this game and not take the points if Timmy Tebow plays.  I also straight-up said it’s a bad game to bet on, which is apparent in the 1-point cover by FU.  It was posted purely because it’s a premier matchup and brings more readers to the site.  Think of all the people searching “Florida LSU” in Google.

We’re going to take our huge stacks of money and roll into Week 5 of the NFL with plenty of ammunition. With that said, I’m going to continue advising that you pick against what I like to refer to as the “retards” of the NFL. The retards are teams like the Rams, Raiders, and Lions. Any time you get a favorable spread against those teams, you take it.


I really like the Vikings -10 over the Rams. The Rams do not score. They were shut out twice (Seahawks in week 1, Green Bay in week 4) and average 6 PPG.  They also ranked somewhere between 30-32 in almost every defensive category ever created.

I also like the Giants -14.5 at home against the Raiders. The Texans 31st ranked defense held the Raiders to 6 points last week and now the Raiders face the 1st ranked overall defense and passing defense.  JaMarcus Russell is about 60 pounds overweight and facing the best defensive line in football. Osi and Tuck will eat him alive.  The Raiders also lost the sole star on their team, Darren McFadden, to an injury. The sole question mark is Eli Manning. I didn’t check his status, so do your own due diligence on him, but I’m 75% sure that he’ll play tomorrow.  He’s a game-time decision for the record, so he’s a must-check before placing a wager.  The Raiders should get blanked by something in the range of 24-0 all the way to 38-0 if Eli plays.

You also have the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers traveling to Detroit to hand them another beating of their lifetime. Like the Vikings spanking, I have no problem laying 10.5 points to take a team that just demolished the Chargers.  The Steelers are PISSED after getting robbed by the Bears and Bengals.  I expect them to run up the score to boost their fragile egos.

And if high spreads aren’t for you, I would consider the following: Colts -3 over TITANS, PANTHERS -3.5 over Redskins, and Patriots -3 over BRONCOS.  I like the Panthers because the “at home off a bye week” factor should be huge against a luckluster Redskins offense.

Good luck to everyone tomorrow. I’ll be at the Eagles game watching them pick on another NFL retard, the Tampa Bay Buccanners. I don’t want to get too cocky, but I also think the Eagles cover the 15 and win by approximately 24 points.

Hell of a Saturday. Enjoy those tickets you all cashed in.

DISLAIMER: Our football picks are for entertainment purposes only.  If you take our picks just because we said so, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson himself may have to lay the smackdown on your candy ass and call you a jabroni.  We advise you to do your own due diligence on each game.

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