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Posted by in College Football Picks on September 2nd, 2010 | Comment »
Week 1 College Victory


THE PASS RUSH started off the opening season with a 2-0 record ATS. It always feels good to start the season with two wins during Thursday’s prime-time openers. Brandon provided a hell of a pick with his call of South Carolina -14 over Southern Miss. If you took that one, you were loving it from the get go as it was a money in the bank cover with a 41-13 win.  You can’t beat a 14-point cover when you’re already giving up 14 points.

My pick in Pitt +3.5, on the other hand, made you sweat it out. It was ugly, but a win is a win. Utah’s D stepped up in this one, especially their run D, which was rather weak last season. Utah’s D held Pitt to just 2.3 yards per carry. Pitt’s D likewise stepped up in this one too as they forced 3 turnovers including a blocked punt.

In the 4th quarter, Pitt was down by 11, 24-13. Future first-round draft choice WR Jon Balwin finally decided to show up to score a 44-yard touchdown and a 2-point conversion to put Pitt back in the money with 5 minutes left. With Pitt down 24-21, it was good to be back in the money.

There’s a reason I liked the 3.5 points. I knew that if Pitt would lose, they would lose by exactly 3 points. Fact. I knew I would not like this spread anything short of 3.5 points. Then what happens will drive any football bettor crazy. Pitt has the ball, drives down, and kicks a FG to send it into overtime. At this point, we just want Pitt to shank the field goal so we could get the cover and go home happy.

During the 1st FG attempt, the FG gets called back because because of a Utah time out. Re-kick gets shanked. Game over? We can cash our tickets and go home? No. Another time out. 3rd FG attempt is good. Overtime. Are you serious?

Pitt gets possession. Sunseri throws a pick. Now Utah has a chance to cover if they can get 6. They take it the 4. 4th down comes up. They finally go for the 3 and win the game. Now we can go home. Like I said, there’s a reason I liked Pitt +3.5. Like our Vikings +3.5 pick over the Saints in the NFC Championship, sometimes you just can’t beat a man with a time machine.

I shouldn’t get too cocky though because I’m not a huge fan of any of the week 1 college football games. They’re all “eh” to me. We’ll just have to see how the rest of those picks pan out.

Welcome to the college football season! There will be many more of these to come.

The last Thursday pick was USC -19 over Hawaii. I passed due to high spread, but it’s on the list, so we’ll chalk it up if they get a W. They’re up 20-6 in the 2nd quarter. Matt Barkley is completing everything as he is 11/13 with 3 TDs.

For now, enjoy the 2-0 start. Best of luck for the remainder of the week!

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