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Super Bowl Pick: Packers vs. Steelers

Posted by in NFL Picks on February 2nd, 2011 | Comment »

Excuse me for my extended hiatus during the final stretch of the season. What happened? Work happened. Thankfully Brandon’s SMART BET COLLEGE BOWL SPECIAL went an insane 9-2. Therefore, if you have been following our picks this season, you banked a ton of coin so be thankful.

What is the future of THE PASS RUSH? Well there is one final game in the football season until we’re left with a baseball season that is 60 games deep into the season with 102 games left while we’re left pulling our hair out until training camp begins. Will we be back for a fourth season of football picks and analysis? Only time will tell. Onto my thoughts for the Super Bowl.

When I handicapped this game before looking at the spread, I put the Steelers at 3-point favorites. However, the Steelers come into this one as 2.5-point underdogs. I found that surprising, but this isn’t a matter of who is right, but who the public is rooting for.

I don’t know about you, but I’m sick of the Steelers. This is their third Super Bowl appearance in the last six years. The thought of the Steelers in another Super Bowl makes me want to vomit. I am sure that everyone who doesn’t live in the western half of Pennsylvania will be Packers fans on Sunday. Everyone and their mother will be throwing money on the Packers hoping they will somehow top the Steelers regardless of whether they believe with cold-hard conviction that they will win. They want to put money on the Packers just to give themselves a reason to get worked up about this game.

I think the Packers can win, but I don’t think they should be favored here. Aaron Rodgers is a complete stud who can beat the Steelers with his arm, but we’re talking about the Steelers here though. The league’s best defense. 2-0 in their past two Super Bowl appearances.

There’s nothing more that I want than for the Packers to win this game. I hate the Steelers with a passion, but if you held a gun to my head and said take a team, I would take the Steelers before I take the Packers.

On the other hand, Aaron Rodgers has the hot hand. 31/36, 366 yards, 3 TDs, 0 INTs against the Falcons. Are you serious? That is deadly. The Packers punter didn’t even walk onto the field that game. I could go on and on about Clay Matthews.

The Packers are playing more inspired right now. I am hoping the Steelers come into this game underestimating their opponent, a lowly sixth seed that snuck into the playoffs week 17, and thinking that they’re entitled to their third Super Bowl in six years. I give the motivational/psychological card to the Green Bay Packers.

Now, if you put $1,000 in my hand (rather than a gun to my head) and said put this on the Packers or Steelers, I would put it on the Packers. Why? Because I’ll go with my personal bias over my brain and pick the team that I want to see win the game. Oh, and Aaron Rodgers is really good too. He’s supposed to be one of the guys that is meant to have a ring (or three) in his career.

Prediction: Packers 24 – Steelers 20

Pick Against the Spread: Packers -2.5 (Confidence: 1/5)

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