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NFL Sunday Week 1 Betting Reaction

Posted by in NFL Picks on September 7th, 2008 | 1 Comment

It turned out to be a great week: I won over 10 units, my team (the Eagles) won, and my fantasy team dominated.  It was one of the best Sunday’s betting-wise that I’ve ever had.  I ended up +11 units.  5/7 of the games that I played hit.

I put the most of my money on the Steelers (5 units) and Cowboys (4 units) and they both ended up winning big: there was no need to sweat those out.  My plays on the Saints, Cardinals, and Eagles also worked out as planned (7 units total).  The only games that I lost were the Chargers and Colts, but only 2 units.  My Sunday would have been incredible if the Chargers would have pulled that game out.  They were up by 5 and the Panthers scored a touchdown with 4 seconds left on the clock.  I hit the first 6 teams on my $10 7-team parlay, which would have paid $120.  All I needed was 1 incomplete pass at the end of that game, but the Panthers scored the TD.  That one hurt, but I’ll take this type of week any time.  Hopefully you guys made some solid calls this week as well.

My Picks Record So Far:
— Straight Up: 10-4
— Against The Spread: 9-5
— My Betting Units: +11

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