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2013 Kentucky Derby Preview

Posted by in Site News on April 7th, 2013 | Comment »

We’re still several months away from the 2013 NFL season, but at least we have the NFL Draft coming up at the end of the month to help pass some of the time. Right after the NFL draft is the Kentucky Derby on May 4th. If you’re like me, you may want to dabble on betting on  the horsies while sipping on a mint julep. There’s just something about the Kentucky Derby that makes us all feel like wealthy southern gentlemen for a day.

If you want to start doing some homework on the odds, head off and check out Kentucky Derby 2013 race information. So far the front runner to win the grand daddy of horse races is Verrazano who is currently 7/1 odds after opening at 150/1 odds. Some interesting names that caught my attention, if your strategy is to simply bet on names you like, are Will Take Charge at 22/1 odds and War Academy at 30/1 odds.

Is there a potential Smarty Jones in this group? It’s too hard to tell. We’ll know more as we get closer to the race. If your interested in getting after the action, head on over to this 2013 Kentucky Derby gambling site.…

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Site News: Adding Fantasy Football Who Ya Got Articles

Posted by in Site News on August 26th, 2012 | Comment »

We have a new section over at www.nflstartorsit.comWho To Draft.

You can find all of our fantasy football content  by checking out the fantasy football tab on the top navigation bar. Be sure to check out our 2012 Fantasy Rankings.

We already have three fantasy debates posted and more to come.

I would bet you most people would go with Chris Johnson, Rob Gronkowski, and Larry Fitzgerald without hesitation. However, I make the case for Darren McFadden, Jimmy Graham, and Julio Jones.

If you have have a fantasy football question, shoot me an email and I’ll get your question posted on the site. Don’t forget to sign up for our pick ’em league.…

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Pick ‘Em League Renewed For 2012

Posted by in Site News on August 21st, 2012 | Comment »

2012 Pick 'Em LeagueFor our frequent and long-time visitors of THE PASS RUSH, we are renewing THE PASS RUSH’S Pick ‘Em League.

Click here to register.

League ID: 30163
Password: thepassrush.

In the pick ’em league, you’ll have an opportunity to compete against me and other visitors of THE PASS RUSH.  We had over 50 participants last year and I ended up in 6th place.

The rules are simple. You pick every single game against the spread. Whoever calls the most games correctly wins.

Not only do you get a chance to compete against me, but you’ll have a chance to win a custom NFL Shop t-shirt with the team, name, and number of your choice.

Sign up now and compete for the title!

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Site News: New Fantasy Football Blog and Survivor Pool Blogs

Posted by in Site News on August 11th, 2012 | Comment »

Mike Ditka CigarI wanted to announce that I started a few new blogs that will be part of THE PASS RUSH community. Before we get to those, I wanted to let everyone in on my Fantasy Football Cheat Sheet. What you’ll get is all rankings sorted by position on one page. It serves as a great print sheet when drafting. If you’re trying to decide between players and need to look up some stats, it’s the perfect resource as well. Check it out.

Another site we just launched is Whenever you’re trying to select your starting lineup or trying to decide which players to start or sit, feel free to shoot us an email. We’ll post your question online with our answer and other readers can leave their advice as well.

We then rolled out the same concept for those in survivor pools. Need help selecting which team you should take in your survivor pool? Feel free to shoot us an email and we’ll give you our two cents while other fans can give theirs. Be sure to check

We’ll be renewing out pick ’em league shortly. Stay tuned.…

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Bored? We got all kinds of action for you!

Posted by in Site News on February 18th, 2011 | Comment »

Football is over and most of you can’t wait for the season to start again, but who knows we may not see the NFL again till 2012.

While you are waiting, check out our sister sites and Things are starting to heat up on the hardwood. King and I have been posting NBA and College plays on a daily basis and that should continue until the season ends. I have been working this season on designing  a new accurate computer program that predicts college games against the spread.  While there are several computer or simulation systems out there, very few are specifically tailored to determine the expected spread and then compare the actually line and then produce a winning selection.  The top plays of the SMART BET COMPUTER has prodcued considerable profits, but more impressively t he SMART BET COMPUTER has also produced a daily profit based on selections for every game on the card, currently at about a 60% success rate.

If you are a hockey fan, I have convinced a Vegas local to give me his daily NHL picks.  His first post was terrible, but I have been following his picks for a while now and he consistently produces a profit.

**Keep your bets SMART.

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Posted by in Site News on November 4th, 2010 | Comment »

Gentlmen, I apologize for what transpired by our latest contributor Joey G. Here at THE PASS RUSH, we’re honourable enough to not delete picks. If we are cold, we admit we had a bad week and take it like a man.

Joey G started off hot, but has been on a cold streak and his shaken confidence may have gotten the best of him. He is now ejected and Brandon and I will keep serving up winners.

To recap what Vegas and Brandon have done:

Brandon: 2/2 for his Game of the Year releases. Both have been big winners. This is to follow up a 4-1 record for his 2009’s Games of the Year. That’s an insane record.

I have not had a losing week in the NFL since week 4. Now, I’m not on a hot streak either, but I’ll take above .500 every week since week 4 any year. My record for the past 4 weeks have been 7-6, 8-6, 7-7, 8-6. That’s a 30-25 record in the NFL against the spread, which is 55%. That’s dead even with the juice, but at least we’re not picking tons of losers here and our high confidence games are having success. We’re still beating Eric Allen, who can’t even put together a winning season straight up. Fact.

There’s something we have here at THE PASS RUSH and that’s INTEGRITY. November will be a killer month for Brandon and I. Thanksgiving is always our best week. Learn about it: 10-0 Thanksgiving Weekend!

I unfortunately came down with a nasty cold, which has left me sidelined this week. NFL picks are probable. I’ll return to practice possibly tomorrow and probably by Saturday. Stay tuned for this weeks picks. …

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Brandon Is Back

Posted by in Site News on December 17th, 2009 | Comment »

Brandon is back to posting his NCAA basketball picks at THE TRIPLE DOUBLE.  He had one game on last night’s card and it was a winner.  You can read why he had to take a short absence over there.  He has an NBA over/under play tonight.  He’ll be back to posting college football during the thick of the Bowl season.…

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