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NFL Week 2 Betting Reaction

Posted by in NFL Picks on September 15th, 2008 | 2 Comments

Overall, I moved up just 2 units this week. I hit the Packers for 8 units, but lost on the Steelers for 6 units, won the Giants for 3, lost the Saints for 3, won the Cardinals for 2, lost the 49ers/under parlay for 2. The Steelers outcome would have been different if it wasn’t for the rain and the Saints just blew the game in the 4th quarter. Here’s a bigger look at the games.

Wow, what a game the Packers/Lions game turned out to be. If you missed how it went down, the Packers jumped out to a 21-0 lead, took it 21-3 in the half, the Lions decided to play football in the 2nd half and were starting to make a comeback. The Lions then made it a 24-16 game. The Packers then gave up a safety after the punter was unable to catch the ball when they were pinned down at the 10. On the next drive Calvin Johnson came up with a huge TD to give the Packers a 25-24 lead. The Packers drove down field off a huge Greg Jennings reception and came out with a field goal to take the lead back, but it was only a 2-point lead. I needed to cover 3 points, so I was screaming at Jackson through my TV for dropping a pass that would have set up a 1st and goal. On the next drive, however, Kitna gave me a gift and there were plenty more to come. Kitna threw not one, not two, but three INTs in the final 5 minutes off the game that were returned for TDs. Thank you Jon Kita. Damn, it sucks to be a Lions fans. Why do they even watch games on Sunday? Why go through the agony each week? Well, I my big play of the week.

My other big play was the Steelers, and althought they got the W, they couldn’t cover. It was a 10-6 game and the spread was Steelers -6.5 Unfortunately, the rain definitly played a part in that outcome. The Steelers were up 10-3 with 3 minutes left and Romeo Crenel decided to kick a field goal when it was 4th and 7 on the 20 with 3 minutes left. I have no idea why. Was he playing against the spread? What an idiot. And the Browns fans let him hear it.

This Week’s Record:
— Straight Up: 8-6
— Against the Spread: 8-5-1
— “Spreads to Take” Against the Spread: 4-2
— Betting Units: +2

Cumulative Record:
— Straight Up: 19-11 (.633)
— Against the Spread: 18-11-1 (.620)
— My “Spreads to Take” Record Against the Spread: 10-5 (.667)
— Betting Units: +14

The Monday Night preview is coming up next.

2 Responses to NFL Week 2 Betting Reaction:

  1. Erik

    Date: Sep 16, 2008 at 10:53 am

    Great site! That’s my 2. year watching American football and I never make my pics before I read PR. You were very right about SF-Seattle game.

    Last week was relatively easy week… I made 6 team teaser just for fun and it passed without problems. Everything even covered a spread until Pittsburgh blew it. Pittsburgh game was tough due the weather conditions.

    There are teams that are awful- KC, Bengals. I loved that SD had deja vu… second loss they could not believe. Rivers arrogance had a great lesson :). Colts look like they are all 100 years old, but they’ll coming around.

    Just for fun here’s 6 game 6.5 point teaser for a week 3

    KC-Atlanta Atlanta +2
    Oakland -Buffalo Buffalo -2
    Houston-Tennessee Ten win
    Cincinnati-NYG NYG -6.5
    Miami-NE NE -6
    NY Jets- SD SD-2.5

    That’s too early to make pics maybe. But it is all for fun. That’s why we are here!
    Looking forward to see your next week comments!


  2. Vegas Martin

    Date: Sep 16, 2008 at 11:01 am

    Thanks for the comments and continuing to visit the site Erik. Help me out by telling your other friends who are NFL fans. I love putting together the weekly previews because it helps me decide on which games to place my bets on and I’m glad others can read what I’ve found and then make their own decisions based on the tips I give. Thanks again.

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