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NFL Week 14 Live Game Notes

Posted by in NFL General on December 7th, 2008 | Comment »

1:00 GAMES

CHI/JAC: Bears get an early TD after a Jacksonville interception turned Bears fumble, turned Bears ball at the 2 after the review.  Bears are back in the money 10-3.  Bears settle for a FG in the redzone to extend the lead 13-3.  Bears take a 20-3 lead.  Boo ya!  Jacksonville makes it a 20-10 game with 12 minutes left. 23-13 Bears – they can give up a FG now.

IND/CIN: Colts jump to 7-0 lead at the end of the 1st quarter.  14-3.  28-3.  They should cover the 13.5 comfortably.  35-3 is your final.

GB/HOU: I have the Packers in a 5-team parlay, so I’m keeping my eye on them.  The Texans started with a deep ball to Kevin Walter.  And I benched him to take Donal Driver since I expected the Texans to give up a lot through the air.  Packers still trail 7-0, but Packers come up with a huge INT.  Tie ballgame.  Houston gets a FG and the Packers returned the following kickoff, which came back for a penalty.  Houston ends the half with a missed FG to go into the half 10-7. Slaton has been killing the Packers on 3rd down all day, they finally stop him, and then Texans punter scrambles for a 1st down.  Texans hanging onto a 13-7 lead with 20 minutes left.  Packers would need 2 TDs to cover.  This one looks like it’s going to the Texans.  Packers come up with a huge fumble recovery.  They still have a chance.  Greg Jennings goes deep!  80+ yards to set up a 1st and goal.  Packers take a 14-13 lead.  Houston now up 21-14 with 10 minutes to play.  Tied at 21!  Texans win with a last second FG.

NO/ATL: Ryan was ready to strike at the NO 30, but threw an INT.  Saints drove 50 yards for the TD.  Saints take 10-0 lead.  I’ll need a quick ATL score to keep pace with the points needed.  That’s what I get. 10-7 on the next drive.  Roddy White had a 56 yard reception.  3 plays later, they’re in the endzone on a Turner rushing play.  Saints answer back with a FG.  13-7.  ATL comes back with a TD, take 14-13 lead.  NO gets a quick FG before the half and take the lead back.  16-14.  Falcons take 17-16 lead.  They gotta stop settling for 3.  This one needs 3 TDs in the 3rd quarter to cover.  Got 2 TDs.  Falcons 25-22.  Just need 6 to cover the over 51.5.  7:50 left.  Saints now up 29-25.  The over has hit, now I’ll have to chear on the Packers and Titans to keep the dream alive.  Packers bust the hopes of the parlay.  This team has suffered a lot of heartache this season.  Looks like the Vikings and Bears will be fighting for the North.

TEN/CLE: Browns score early 3.  Collins throws an early interception, which leads to a 6-0 Cleveland lead.  Tennessee answers back 7-6. Titans just had a 35 yard punt.  It must be a windy one in Tennessee, which is leading to the ugliness.  Titans have a 1st and goal at the 6 at the two-minute warning.  LenDale White delivers.  14-6 Titans.  Titans now up 21-6.  Browns manage another FG to make it 21-9.  Titans need a FG to cover.  11 minutes left.  Titans back in the money, 28-9.

PHI/NYG: Eagles play tough D, force back-to-back 3 and outs.  A big Curtis reception sets up an Akers field goal.  Eagles get called for a dubious call when they forced a 3-and-out.  LJ Smith makes two big plays for the Eagles.  Wow, I’m impressed.  Westbrook takes it to the house.  10-0 Eagles.  What did I tell you guys?  Don’t write the Eagles off this week! Eagles take the ball to the 23 to set up a should-be easy field goal.  Instead, it’s blocked and returned for a touchdown.  That’s the second time that’s happened to the Eagles this year.  10-point swing.  Should be Eagles 13-0 at half.  Instead it’s 10-7.  Eagles take 17-10 lead.  They had another missed FG, it could be Eagles 23-0.  Hate to say I told you so.

DET/MIN: 6-3 at half.  I didn’t think the Vikings would come out flat.  Frerotte threw 2 picks.  Jared Allen gets injured on cheap shot from the back.  Gus Frerotte is carted off.  This one’s an ugly one.  AP only had 7 carries for 28 yards in the first half.  AP goes off to start the second half.  He picks up most of the yardage and then Chester Taylor takes it in from the 17.  Vikings take the 10-6 lead.  Calvin Johnson gets 70-yard TD.  Lions 13-10.  Vikings answer back to take 17-13 lead.  Vikings win 20-16, but can’t cover.

4:00 GAMES:

PIT/DAL: Romo starts the game off by throwing an INT to Polamalu.  Steelers miss a FG.  Steelers get a huge 4th down stop.

SEA/NE: Seahawks score first. 7-0. Pats get FG, 7-3.  Seahawks go up 14-3.  What’s up with the Pats?  They’ll need a quick strike.  R. Moss deep please.  At least the Seahawks have a poor defense, but the Pats have to get their act together defensively.  Seneca Wallace is 8/10 with 2 TDs and the Pats haven’t been able to stop the Seahawks run.  Pats win 24-21.  I push this one.

SF/NYJ: 49ers grab a 7-0 lead.  Jets tie it up at 7.  Jets fall 24-14.

MIA/BUF: Pennington to Fasano for the first TD.  Dolphins leading 10-3.  Dolphins get the W in comfortable fashion.

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