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2009 Fantasy Football Rankings Cheat Sheet (1-25)

Posted by in Fantasy Football on August 28th, 2009 | Comment »

1.) Adrian Peterson (RB) — The consensus #1 pick, you can’t go wrong.

2.) Matt Forte (RB) — Look for Forte to top last year’s numbers with Jay Cutler keeping defenses honest.  Forte’s receiving abilities with Cutler make him an even greater receiving threat than last season.  Is due for at least 1,200 rushing yards and 500 receiving yards with 12 TDs.

3.) LaDainian Tomlinson (RB) — A lot of people are knocking him for the injuries, turning 30, and questioning whether he still has gas left in the tank.  I think LaDainian still has it in him to have a very good season and he’s coming into this season with a lot to prove.  2006 numbers are out of question.  Darren Sproles will take some carries away from him.  He’s averaged 2.4 yards in 12 attempts in the preseason — not a great sign for fantasy owners.  He should still post at least 1,100 rushing yards, 450 receiving yards, and 12 TDs.  Those were his 2008 numbers when he was riddled with injuries.  He’s coming into this season healthier than last year, so look for an improvement.

4.) Maurice Jones-Drew (RB) — Now that Fred Taylor is gone, MJD’s role in the offense increases.  You have to love his rushing and receiving combination and he’ll always deliver 10+ TDs.  Most people have MJD ahead of LT, but I don’t expect MJD’s TD numbers to come close to LT’s since the Chargers have a way better offense than the Jaguars.

5.) Michael Turner (RB) — If you picked him up late, you probably won your fantasy league.  Had 1,700 yards and 18 TDs — that’s sick.  The concern is whether he can repeat those type of numbers.  He’s looked tremendous in the preseason averaging almost 10 yards per carry.  However, he’s facing much tougher defenses this season and doesn’t have the luxury of facing the Lions and Chiefs.  He’ll be facing New England, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, New York Giants, Tampa Bay, Philadelphia — all pretty good run defenses.

6.) Steven Jackson (RB) — Injury concerns dropped him down a few spots, but he’s a workhorse on a team that lacks stars and endzone opportunities.  Always has elite per-game yardage, but the TD numbers aren’t good enough for a higher pick.  I don’t see him getting back to his 2006 numbers this year on a very bad team.  If he can play a full 16 games (he’s only played 12 in the last two seasons), he’s due for over 1,700 combined yards and 10 TDs.

7.) DeAngelo Williams (RB) — 1,500 yards and 18 TDs was unprecedented last year despite splitting carries with Jonathan Stewart.  Stewart is sidelined with an Achilles injury, which means DeAngelo will have a bigger workload this season.  However, he lacks the receiving yardage to really woo me.

8.) Larry Fitzgerald (WR) — I was debating whether to go with Randy Moss or Larry Fitzgerald as my #1 fantasy WR.  I went with Fitzgerald, who is entering his prime at the ripe age of 26.  He’s more consistent, just as good a red-zone threat, and Tom Brady’s injury is a good enough of a reason to pull the trigger on Fitzgerald ahead of Randy Moss.  If you’re still not convinced that Fitzgerald is the pick, look at his post-season numbers.  I’m anticipating 1,500 yards and 12-15 TDs.

9.) Randy Moss (WR) — Still had over 1,000 yards and 11 TDs without Brady.  With Brady healthy, is another 23 TD season possible?  I’ll predict that Randy Moss ends up with 14-16 TDs.  I expect Belichick to be more conservative by keeping Brady’s knee in mind.  Remember, he’s not going to run up the score like he did in 2007 due to the “Spygate” situation.

10.) Steve Slaton (RB) — Steve Slaton will be the Texans feature back this year.  With close to 1,300 rushing yards, 400 receiving yards, and 10 TDs in 2008, Slaton is absolutely first-round worthy, but his size makes me skeptical of his durability throughout another full season.  A team full of receiving threats really opens the field for him both in the rushing and receiving game.

11.) Chris Johnson (RB) — Another steal in last year’s draft, who probably was the key to help you win your fantasy league.  The downside is that LenDale White is the goalline back, but that didn’t hurt Johnson’s TD numbers last year, he still had 10.  An increased workload should have him nearing 1,300 rushing yards again.

12.) Andre Johnson (WR) — Andre Johnson vs. Calvin Johnson is a tough fantasy draft debate.  I may have to change this one later, but I’m giving Andre Johnson the slight nod since he’s in a better offense on a winning team and puts up all-around ridiculous numbers last year with the backup QB.  Andre Johnson is a complete beast of a WR who was at the top of the league in receptions, yards, and TDs despite Matt Schaub missing several games.  150-200 yard games are always possible with Johnson.  He had 3 games with over 140 yards, another game with 178 yards, and another game with 207 yards.  Are you kidding me?  It’s hard to pass on a guy with 115 receptions and 1,575 yards.  Steve Slaton, Kevin Walter, and Owen Daniels are enough for defenses worry about to give Johnson the same kind of looks.

13.) Calvin Johnson (WR) — Matthew Stafford is said to be looking pretty good in camp.  The preseason games didn’t show it though.  If Calvin Johnson could do 1,300 yards and 12 TDs with Orvlosky and an out-of-touch Culpepper last year, imagine what he can do if Stafford is just what Matt Ryan was last season.  Even with Culpepper, who is said to be in much better shape than last year, he is a tremendous threat with either QB.

14.) Brian Westbrook (RB) — I’m not willing to reach too high for Westbrook who is turning 30 and coming off a knee surgery and I’m an Eagles fan.  Rookie LeSean McCoy, who has looked like a stud this preseason, will take carries away from him.  If you draft Westbrook, make sure you handcuff him to LeSean McCoy in the later rounds for insurance just in case Westbrook ever goes down with an injury.  LeSean McCoy is the real deal.  He’s another potential steal in this draft.  If healthy, 1,200 rushing yards and 400 receiving yards shouldn’t be out of the question.

15.) Frank Gore (RB) — His rushing/receiving combination gives him the ability to post great yardage numbers.  If Michael Crabtree is signed, that raises Frank Gore’s stock since defenses have to stay honest, but it’s clear from last year that all 22 eyes on defense were focused on Frank Gore first-and-foremost.

16.) Clinton Portis (RB) — Was having an excellent season last year until getting hurt.  He’s the star on that offense and carries that team.  Although he’s only 28, his mileage is starting to become a concern, but until proven otherwise, he’s still a solid 2nd-round pick.  He was a top 5 fantasy back throughout the first half of last season.  Portis’s durability and receiving abilities gives him the nod over Brandon Jacobs.  He had over 1,500 combined yards and 9 TDs last season.  I’m expecting very similar stats this season.

17.) Marion Barber (RB) — Most fantasy rankings don’t have him as a top 10 back, but he definitely is when healthy if you consider his receiving abilities.  With T.O. gone, the Cowboys will be more run-oriented this season.  With Barber getting all of the goalline carries, he should post very good TD numbers.  He’s failed to have a 1,000 yard rushing season.  He was posting monster numbers in 2008 before getting injured.  An injury-free year could yield over 1,600 combined yards with 10+ TDs.

18.) Brandon Jacobs (RB) — Puts up excellent numbers when healthy since nobody can tackle him 1-on-1.  That shows with an average of 5 yard-per-carry.  He always seems to have lingering injuries since he abuses his body for the sake of the game.  If he can play a full 16 games, 1,500 yards and 15 TDs is certainly possible.  Look for an increased role with Plaxico Burress gone, but lack of a Giants receiving game will take away from the TD numbers.

19.) Drew Brees (QB) — I’m going Drew Brees ahead of Brady and Peyton.  Three straight seasons breaking 4,000 yards.  Over 5,000 yards last year.  He’s averaging 30 TDs in the past 3 seasons.  He has no lack of receivers at his disposal.  A healthy Marques Colston, Jeremy Shockey, and Reggie Bush can only help his 2008 numbers.  Don’t forget deep threats Devery Henderson and Robert Meachem as well.

20.) Tom Brady (QB) — Brady looked good again in his preseason outing against the Eagles.  The knee is a slight concern, but the Pats boosted the offensive line to protect him.  I don’t expect 2007 numbers, but 4,000 yards and 30 TDs is likely in the cards.  Suffered a sore shoulder during the Redskins game is enough to bump him down a few spots.

21.) Roddy White (WR) — The holdout is over, which makes Roddy White a late-second-round must.  He’s a paid man and should perform like it.  Another late-round steal last year.  He did 1,382 yards and 7 TDs last season. 1,400+ yards and 10 TDs is very possible with Matt Ryan in his sophomore year.

22.) Anquan Boldin (WR) — Posts excellent numbers each and every year and is a redzone favorite for Kurt Warner.  Will his contract situation become a distraction this season?  Will he be traded?  These uncertainties are what caused him to fall down my draft chart a bit.  Bank on 1,200 yards and 10 TDs.

23.) Marques Colston (WR) — Was unbelievable after returning from an  injury.  With a full, healthy season, he’s capable of over 1,200 yards and 10 TDs.

24.) Peyton Manning (QB) — Consistency is his story.  4,000 yards and 30 TDs.  Not worth a higher pick when Philip Rivers or Aaron Rodgers will post very similar numbers, who you can grab in round 3.

25.) Reggie Wayne (WR) — I expect him to improve from his 2008 numbers, but with Marvin Harrison gone, he’s seeing too many double-teams to be as effective as he could be.



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