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NFL Week 6 Predictions, Picks Against the Spread

Posted by in NFL Picks on October 15th, 2009 | Comment »

What’s up my peeps.  Vegas Martin is back and ready to give his NFL Week 6 picks against the spread.  It’s no secret that THE PASS RUSH has absolutely given the books the spanking this past week in both the NFL and College Football.  I don’t want to get too cocky here since there is no such thing as a lock and I will also advise you to do your own due diligence on each game you pick, but let’s take a look at the spreads and see if we can spot any easy money this week.  Again, I ranked my top 5 spreads of the week at the bottom of this article.  Enjoy!  Thanks for all the comments lately — keep it up and thanks for contributing to THE PASS RUSH.


I’ve been saying for the last few weeks that the Redskins are a horrible team to bet on.  They have a very poor offense, but their defense gives them the chance to win every week.  I also love picking against “NFL retards,” one of which includes the Kansas City Chiefs.  The Chiefs were able to hang with the Cowboys, but they’re a completely different team when they’re on the road compared to being at home.  For the sake of picking this game, I’ll say the Redskins cover and win by a TD, but would I be surprised with a mere 3-point win by the Redskins?  No.  Avoid this game.

Prediction: Redskins 20 – Chiefs 13

Free Pick: Redskins -6 (Confidence: 2/5) (L)


The Bengals are 4-1, can you believe it?  I can’t!  With a poor Texans defense and potent offense, I think the over 46 may be the play to make in this game.  I don’t like betting against the Texans since they typically lose, but generally cover.  I feel that a 27-20, maybe even a 31-28 game is in the cards.  I’m going against the grain and saying take the points.  Why am I making such a bold call against the Cardiac Cats, who are 4-1 and at home?  The Bengals rank 23rd against the pass and the Texans get pissed off when they lose close games like they did last week, and Andre Johnson usually delivers (e.g.: after the Jets loss, he goes nuts against the Titans).  In my opinion, the Texans win outright by 3, so I’ll take the points.  I’m not buying the Bengals as a legitimate playoff team.  To me, they’re just lucky!  I am not super confident in the Texans.  I’m just trying to be cute and I don’t want to pick the favorites for every game.  4.5 is pretty generous to me.  If the Bengals win, it will likely be by 3-4 points, in my opinion.

Prediction: Texans 27 – Bengals 24

Free Pick: Texans +4.5 (Confidence: 2/5) (W), Over 46 (Confidence: 3/5) (L)


I LOVE betting against the Brown this season, I’m 3-1 doing that so far this season.  Sometimes the high spreads are the easy winners.  I picked 3 high spreads last week. In fact, they were my top 3 plays of the week and they were the only easy covers.  Look at the Giants, Vikings, and Eagles last week.  Each team covered by the end of the first half.  The Browns scored 6 points against the Bills and Derek Anderson was 2/17 passing.  They guy had -2 fantasy points — how bad of a QB do you have to be to have -2 points?  The Browns simply suck.  They are awful. They are pathetic.   They are the worst or second-to-worst team in the NFL.  The Steelers will score at ease and their defense will likely shut the Browns out.  Polamalu will also likely return this week.  I am calling for a blowout and possibly even a shut out.

Injury Updates: Polamalu and Willie Parker will likely be back.  Steelers DE Aaron Smith will be out.  Mendenhall had flu-like symptoms yesterday and may miss Sunday, but the Steelers at least have FWP back.  You have to factor in the injuries in assessing the strength of this bet.  Smith and Mendenhall are both big blows, but Willie Parker and Polamalu back makes that up.

Prediction: Steelers 31 – Browns 0

Free Pick: Steelers -14 (Confidence: 4/5) (L)


I got excited when I saw this game.  Not to bet on, but just to watch some hard-hitting football.  This is not the best game to bet on, but I’m going with the Vikings at home.  It will be tight, it will likely be low scoring.  The Ravens offense has been on and off.  Sometimes they look outstanding, other times they struggle.  If they struggle with the run, their offense has a tough time getting going.  Minnesota’s 10th ranked run D (96 rushing yards allowed per game) gives them the edge in this matchup.  With the Ravens 4th ranked run D, Brett Favre will have to rely less on Adrian Peterson to bail him out and will have to expose the Ravens secondary that ranks 26th.  Favre has been on fire and has the weapons to work with.  With Bernard Berrian, Percy Harvin, and Sidney Rice, Favre airs it out and gives the Vikings the win.

Prediction: Vikings 23 – Ravens 19

Free Pick: Vikings -3 (Confidence: 2/5) (L)


After last week’s debacle, the Jaguars will be playing pissed off.   MJD is pissed off and wants the ball.  When MJD wants the ball, he will get the ball, and he will get the ball against the 2nd-to-worst defense in the game.  Rams defense: 29 PPG allowed, 363 yards allowed per-game.  The Jags were without Sims-Walker last week due to team rule violation, but he’ll be back this week and will give the offense a boost.  I’ll write off last week’s loss as an “outlier.”  The Jags beat up the Titans the previous week, and I think that’s what they’ll do against the Rams.  9.5 points is steep on a defense that is ranked 24th and an offense that is only ranked 23rd, but it’s the Rams dude!  I say the Jaguars cover, but they’re still not strong enough to make me feel 100% comfortable.

Prediction: Jaguars 27 – Rams 10

Free Pick: Jaguars -9.5 (Confidence: 3.5/5) (L)


This is the game of the week to watch for sure.  Too bad this couldn’t be the Sunday or Monday night game.  Two undefeated teams who are in the top 3 of the power rankings squaring off for NFL supremacy.  The Saints are at home off the bye week, which gives them a slight edge, but the Giants boast the NFL’s best defense and Eli Manning is playing like his brother.  The over/under is 47 and this one has all the makings of a shootout with several lead changes.  Eli has no shortage of receivers to work with as Steve Smith, Mario Manningham, and Hakeem Nicks are all legit.  This game is really tough to call.  I think you’ll see a lot of lead changes and a lot of points.  I’ll lean towards the Giants +3 since I think there’s a 60% chance they win this one outright.  The over is not a lock with the Giants #1 D, but I’m anticipating a lot of points.  This one could also play out like the Jets/Saints game which was a mere 24-10 game.

Prediction: Giants 31 – Saints 27

Free Pick: Giants +3 (Confidence: 2/5) (L), Over 47 (Confidence: 2/5) (W)


I don’t have much to say about this game.  The Panthers are not that great, but were fortunately able to get their first win last week over the Redskins.  The Bucs are struggling big time and just don’t look like they could beat Panthers.

Prediction: Panthers 24 – Buccaneers 13

Free Pick: Panthers -3 (Confidence: 3/5) (W)


Remember when the Lions had to go on the road against the Bears?  Bears won 48-24.  Packers are at home off the bye week.  Packers should air this one out all over the Lions 27th ranked passing defense.  The Lions are a terrible team on the road every single year.  Keep picking on the “NFL retards.”  Packers D needs to improve though, but they had no problems containing the Rams — they were able to shut them out.  Culpepper wasn’t bad last game against the Steelers.  The Lions are a better team with him as the QB.  He had a somewhat impressive 83.4 QB rating last week.

Prediction: Packers 35 – Lions 10

Free Pick: Packers -13.5 (Confidence: 3.5/5) (W)


Easy spot to take the Eagles.  The Giants just dismantled the Raiders and I don’t see any reason why the Eagles shouldn’t be able to do the same thing.  The Eagles defense is too good to let the Raiders score.  The most points I can see the Raiders scoring is 10.  The Eagles offense is just clicking and seems to put up points against weaker teams at ease.  I’m an Eagles fan, so I’m 100% bias, but you’ll be hard pressed to find someone who will argue that the Raiders will cover.

Prediction: Eagles 31 – Raiders 0

Free Pick: Eagles -14 (Confidence: 4/5) (L)


This is a tough game to call.  The Seahawks have been tremendous at home and with Hasselbeck back, their offense just plays tremendous.  I don’t want to bet against a team with Fitzgerald, but the Cardinals aren’t as strong as they were last year.  I have to stick with the Seahawks at home.  The home field just seems to give their team a tremendous boost.

Prediction: Seahawks 27 – Cardinals 24

Free Pick: Seahawks -3 (Confidence: 2/5) (L)


The Bills lost to the Browns at home after getting killed by the Dolphins.  After impressing some people by hanging with the Patriots in week 1, they’ve clearly lost their steam.  They’re not getting good play out of their QB and they’ve had to battle some injuries as well.  If they were only able to score 3 points against the Browns, all signs point out being shut out by the Jets tough defense.  The Jets D didn’t play up to their potential last week.  They couldn’t handle the wild cat, so maybe the Bills should try that with Fred Jackson playing the role of Ronnie Brown and Marshawn Lynch playing the role of Ricky Williams.  The Jets have lost 2 straight games on the road, but I think the trip back home over a weak team gives them the boost they need to regain their confidence.  Rex Ryan will have that defense focused.  There’s no doubt that the offense was clicking last week, it was just the D that let them down.  Braylon Edwards is going to be a stud on the Jets and don’t forget about Jericho Cotchery.  I like the Jets to cover.

Prediction: Jets 24 – Bills 10

Free Pick: Jets -9.5 (Confidence: 3.5/5) (L)


Have you seen how bad the Titans pass defense is?  They’re ranked 31st in the league and give up 287 yards per game against the pass alone.  They’ve gotten killed by the Jets, Jaguars, Jets, and Colts.  All signs to Tom Brady having that break out game of the year.  275 yards and 3 TD could be the type of stats you see out of Brady this week.  I like the Patriots at home off the Broncos loss.  This is the perfect matchup to get Brady back in the game.

Prediction: Patriots 27 – Titans 17

Free Pick: Patriots -9 (Confidence: 3.5/5) (W)


I have to go with the Falcons at home.  They have the 9th ranked offense and 4th ranked defense in terms of points, yet they’re ranked 20th in yards allowed, 22nd against the pass, and 24th against the run.  It’s extremely rare for a defense to give up those kind of yards and allow a mere 15.8 PPG.  The Bears offense ranks 7th in terms of points, but the Lions game where they scored 48 points has those stats skewed.  Matt Ryan vs. Jay Cutler is a great young QB matchup.  This one should be close, so it’s not one of the better games to bet on.

Prediction: Falcons 24 – Bears 20

Free Pick: Atlanta Falcons -3 (Confidence: 3/5) (W)


I’m pretty happy with the Monday Night game.  The Broncos are undefeated and playing lights out right now, so I’m tempted to take the points here.  The Chargers defense has been a liability, but Philip Rivers is playing as good as any QB in the league right now.  The Chargers score and average and give up an average of 25 points.  Their 27th ranked run D is a big liability for them though.  The Broncos are averaging 19.8 PPG and allowing a league best 8.6 PPG.  They’re also 2nd in total yards allowed, so it’s not by some fluke.  They’re 5th against the pass and 6th against the run.  Their defense is for real.  They held the Cowboys to 10 and the Patriots to 17, what else do you want?  My gut is telling me to take the 3.5 points, but I don’t feel comfortable betting against the Chargers at home on a Monday Night.  It seems like whenever I bet on the Broncos, they lose, and if I bet against them, they win.  I’m staying on the sidelines here.

Prediction: Chargers 23 – Broncos 20

Free Pick: Broncos +3.5 (Confidence: 2/5) (W)


My top 2 picks are what I could consider “free money” like last week with the Vikings, Giants, and Eagles. However, I don’t want to get too cocky here with the high spreads.  I would continue betting against weak teams like the Browns, Raiders, Rams, Lions, and Chiefs, so I’m sticking with that.  I also like the fact that I have 4 home teams over 4 very weak opponents.

1.) Eagles -14 over RAIDERS (L)

2.) STEELERS -14 over Browns (L)

3.) JETS -9.5 over Bills (L)

4.) JAGUARS -9.5 over Rams (L)

5.) PACKERS -13.5 over Lions (W)

I would also give some consideration to PATRIOTS -9 over Titans (W) and Panthers -3 over BUCCANEERS (W).

Good luck this week!

DISCLAIMER: There is no such thing as a lock.  Do your own due diligence on each game.

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