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Newswire Update As Free Agency Approaches

Posted by in Fantasy Football, NFL General on February 18th, 2010 | Comment »

Cincinnati Bengals Love Their Troubled Players

It’s not a surprise to any bookmakers by now (bookmaker reviews) that the Cincinnati Bengals are signing more troubled players. The offseason is very young but the Bengals are already making moves that are raising eye brows.

The Bengals acted quickly and signed free agents Matt Jones and Pacman Jones. Both players are coming off of suspension and both players have dodged felony charges.

The Bengals are planning to use Matt Jones as a tight end in the coming year as he just hasn’t panned out as a wide receiver. He could be a good receiving tight end to start but he has a long way to go with his blocking.

Meanwhile, Pacman might have some talent but people will be wondering just how much. He hasn’t had a good season in a while and the risk may be too high in comparison to the reward.

Nonetheless, the Bengals are rolling the dice once again.

Michael Vick Expected To Be Traded

Sportsbetting fans watched the NFL experiment that was Michael Vick last year and it didn’t work in Philadelphia. As long as Donovan McNabb is still around in Philadelphia, the Eagles have no use for Vick.

As it stands, they are shopping the quarterback, which could turn out to be a valuable asset as the draft approaches. The St. Louis Rams and Buffalo Bills are the teams interested and both teams are in dire need of a quarterback.

Either way, expect Vick to be shipped off at some point this offseason and he’ll get a crack at starting somewhere. In Philadelphia, that just isn’t likely and they clearly don’t need to spend so much money on a backup quarterback who plays one or two snaps per game as a running back.

Ravens Sign Stallworth

Donte Stallworth was looking for another chance and people making their NFL betting picks know that the Ravens are in desperate need of a wide receiver.

Naturally, it made sense for the Ravens to sign a wideout but some eyes were opened when they signed formerly suspended Stallworth.

While he did kill a man last year via a drink and drive, the reality is that Stallworth has paid his dues and will get another shot in the NFL. We’ll see what type of impact he can make after spending a year off on the sidelines.

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