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NFL Mock Draft – The First 10 Picks

Posted by in NFL Draft on March 22nd, 2010 | Comment »

Pick 1 – St. Louis Cardinals – Sam Bradford – QB – Oklahoma

The St. Louis Rams have given up on QB Marc Bulger and had no faith in Kyle Boller to begin with. Boller was brought in to be the back-up to the eventual starter. It looks like that starter will be Sam Bradford.

This would not be a bad pick if it were not for Bradford’s injury history. Notre Dame QB Jimmy Clausen is more durable and better equipped to play behind that horrible offensive line in St. Louis. But the Rams need to also put fans in the seats, and Bradford is the guy to do that.

Pick 2 – Detroit Lions – Russell Okung – OT – Oklahoma State

If the Detroit Lions do not do something to fix their offensive line then they will wind up getting QB Matt Stafford killed before the end of the 2010 season. Okung is fast, strong and smart. He is a natural on the offensive line, and he is just what the Lions need to protect Stafford’s blind side.

Pick 3 – Tampa Bay Buccaneers – Gerald McCoy – DT – Oklahoma

The Buccaneers lost more games last season because they could not put the other team away than any other reason. They could not put pressure on the opposing QB, they could not stop the run and they could not prevent other teams from throwing the ball up the middle. McCoy is a big and fast DT that can get to the QB and clog up the middle in time for the linebackers to get there and shut the run down. McCoy will start and make an impact for the Buccaneers.

Pick 4 – Washington Redskins – Jimmy Clausen – QB – Notre Dame

This is not fair to Jason Campbell. When an offensive line is so bad that running back Clinton Portis spends more time healing than playing, than it can hardly be the fault of the QB. What the Redskins really need is an offensive lineman, but their problems on the O-line are so deep that one pick is not going to change things on the line. So the Redskins will look to a new QB and it will be Clausen.

Pick 5 – Kansas City Chiefs – Trent Williams – OT – Oklahoma

The sports betting world was not surprised when QB Matt Cassel was signed by the Chiefs. The only concern was how Cassel would perform behind that awful Kansas City offensive line. In retrospect, the sportsbook reviews on Cassel’s performance were very favorable. However Cassel could not prevent the Chiefs from going 4-12, which was still an improvement over the 2-14 record from 2008. The Chiefs will build around Cassel, and the first building blocks are the men that will protect the QB. Williams is one of the highest rated offensive linemen in the draft. He will fit the Chiefs’ plans nicely.

Pick 6 – Seattle Seahawks –Ndamukong Suh – DT – Nebraska

The Seahawks need a run-stopper and QB rusher on the inside.

Pick 7 – Cleveland Browns – Evan Royster – RB – Penn State

The Browns need speed at the running back position to make up for another chaotic year at the QB spot. Royster has the power and the moves to help the Browns improve.

Pick 8 – Oakland Raiders – Bruce Campbell – OT – Maryland

It does not matter what the Raiders do at QB if there is no offensive line to block. The running game and the passing game for the Raiders has fallen on hard times due to the play of the line and QB Jamarcus Russell. This is the Raiders final attempt to make something of their first round QB pick and finally get some value for their money.

Pick 9 – Buffalo Bills – Patrick Robinson – CB – Florida State

The Bills had a lot of problems last season but none was more glaring than the secondary. Game after game the Bills would allow the long ball to beat them, and many people started to wonder about the defensive line getting pressure on the opposing QB. The Bills are thin at CB and they need to start addressing that.

Pick 10 – Jacksonville Jaguars – Joe Haden – CB – Florida

No matter what the fans of the Jaguars think, the team is not in the market for a QB. The Jaguars need to shore up their defense, and Haden is a solid start to piecing a good secondary together.

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