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A Very Important Message From THE PASS RUSH

Posted by in College Football Picks, NFL Picks on August 10th, 2010 | Comment »

Joe Paterno ScreamingAs I await the start of the NFL season like an addict going through withdrawal, I would like to welcome old friends and new acquaintances to THE PASS RUSH. By the looks of our pick ’em league, it’s good to see some old names show up on the list. THE PASS RUSH’s pick ’em league is for only the most distinguished gentlemen of this website. By distinguished gentlemen, I mean loyal readers who contribute to the site on a weekly basis to talk football. You may register by checking the info here.

THE PASS RUSH has been in business for four years now, opening up to the interwebs in 2007. In four year’s time, we have handedly taken the books to the woodshed via weekly NFL and NCAA football picks against the spread. Like any season, it’s a roller coaster. There will be highs and lows, ups and downs, thrilling victories, and crushing defeats. There will be injuries, blown calls, turnovers, and ludicrous penalties that will combine to conspire against you, but you must not let them affect you.

During the 2009 football season, we immediately got off to a hot start. My philosophy to start last year was to bet against the reh-tards of the NFL. It was like a bully picking on the kid with down syndrome — completely shameless and without remorse. By betting faithfully against the Detroit Lions, St. Louis Rams, Cleveland Browns, Kansas City Chiefs, Oakland Raiders, and Tampa Bay Buccaneers week-in and week-out, the first half of the season was a phenomenal success. It was like sports books were giving away free money each week. What happened in the second half you ask? The books wised up and they took those sweet lines away and picking games between weeks 9 through 12 became a bear. To be honest, some of those early season gains were given back, but that did not stop us as we pursued what was ours with vigor and might.

You see, when the rules change, you have to change your strategy. Thanks to the Thanksgiving Day Football Gods, opportunity struck when the odds makers gave THE PASS RUSH a layup on games on Turkey Day. When the haters counted THE PASS RUSH down and out, we fought back for a 10-0 streak that week.  We reclaimed our glory and boosted the morale of our troops for the final stretch of the football season.

What happened on Thanksgiving you ask? Prior to Thanksgiving, we hit back-to-back games on the Sunday and Monday Night games building up a nice bankroll to play with over the weekend while we gobble turkey legs and sip fine Scotch Whiskey while enjoying football like a king. Like I mentioned before, the books no longer gave us toss-ups on teams like Lions, Brown, Rams, and Raiders. They jacked up the spreads to around 13.5 points on a weekly basis. I couldn’t just stop betting against these teams, yet I didn’t like high spreads, so we started incorporating more teasers into our routine, which made these lines look like sure bets.

Did anyone think the Packers couldn’t cover 6.5 against the Lions and the Cowboys couldn’t cover 6.5 at home against the Raiders? Neither did I. A teaser of Packers -6.5 over Lions and Cowboys -6.5 over the Raiders on Thanksgiving could have been the lock of the year and we hit the jackpot on that one — my biggest bet of the football year. That was then partly rolled into Brandon’s Thanksgiving Day Special at night (Texas A&M +21 over Texas) and four additional college games hit on the Saturday. The Lesson: Never count THE PASS RUSH out on a Thanksgiving Weekend. Tryptophan just takes our game to the next level son.

Now with our stash back and secure, we could ride the remainder of the season out with a huge grins on our faces as the gettin’ only got better. After playing the Wild Card weekend with nothing more than funny money due to foolish lines, our picks went 3-1 in the Divisional Round and we hit the trifecta on the NFC Championship, AFC Championship, and Super Bowl to close the season with a 6-1 record in the NFL playoffs. Remember the Vikings as 3.5-point underdogs against the Saints? Well, I called the Saints winning by exactly 3 points. That type of track record is undeniable ladies and gentlemen.

That’s what you get at THE PASS RUSH. Any questions?

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