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First Things First, Vegas Always Wins

Posted by in College Football Picks, NFL Picks on September 14th, 2010 | 3 Comments

This is how Vegas wins.

Hello THE PASS RUSH fans and users:

We would like to thank Vegas Martin and Brandon for welcoming us and letting us become a part of this great sports analysis website. We are here to add and provide our insights and picks for the remainder of the NCAA and NFL football seasons.

The first thing that all of you should know when betting is: Vegas ALWAYS wins! Vegas will always set lines that bait the ‘squares’ into betting one way or another. One prime example in week one of this NFL season was the Indianapolis Colts @ Houston Texans. Now for all of you Colts and Manning fans who saw that all the Colts had to do was win this game with a spread of -1, you should have thought twice. This is how Vegas gets easy winners. I bet most of you reading this either bet, or would have taken the Colts in this game. We, on the other hand, saw that line and had an easy winner on Houston. Also, we asked some of our peers who they would take in that game with that spread. 100% of them had a comment like this, “Oh, Colts all day. No WAY they will lose the season opener; they have Peyton Manning.”

Well, Joey G and The Kid are here to help guide you along to some free winners. Vegas Martin and Brandon have done a fabulous job for the past four years. We are here to help you ‘squares’ turn into ‘sharps’ and ultimately beat Vegas at the weeks end.

STAY TUNED: our confidence picks on NFL and NCAAFB are coming soon. We look forward to advancing your betting skills and making you more money.

You can follow us on Twitter at @thepassrush, @KingJique, and @Kid_Culli

3 Responses to First Things First, Vegas Always Wins:

  1. John

    Date: Sep 14, 2010 at 12:26 pm

    Wow looks awesome! These new guys sound legit, great addition to Brandon and Vegas!!!

  2. Matt

    Date: Sep 14, 2010 at 12:48 pm

    I’m very happy to have new a couple of new additions to the site. Just by reading their first article I feel as if I have grown in my ability to pick winners. These guys are for real! Verrrry nice article by the way I feel like I knew some of the same things. Weird

  3. Brandon Phillips

    Date: Sep 14, 2010 at 2:51 pm

    In addition to what was stated in the article above don’t forget that Vegas is designed to win simply by what we pay to play. Vegas always wants 50% of the money to come in on Team A and 50% of the money to come in on Team B. If Vegas gets the perfect distribution of bets on each team then they are guaranteed to make a profit no matter what team wins. Now in theory that works great, but in practice it is not as easy, but believe me when I say linemakers are very good at getting pretty close to that 50/50 number when all is said and done.

    As we saw early last year, Vegas Books lost a great deal of money because heavy favorites won and won in bunches. There were several rumors around town of several people cashing $1,000 10 and 12 team parlay wagers for a million dollars or so. In general, Books make most of their profit off parlays as so few of them hit. Believe me when I say I have sat in the sportsbooks on many of a Saturday and Sunday surrounded by guys with 12 team parlays with every favorite on their ticket, needless to say a loser every time. But over the course of a year it almost always ends up evening out and the Books get their 10% or better. 10% of 2 or 3 billion isn’t a bad 6 month investment.

    That is primarily why I continue to bet dogs because so many people bet favorites that you will usually get added value. Instead of getting 3 points you end up getting 5 and getting a cover as the favorite wins by 3 or 4. It just makes sense. Very rarely do you get value with a favorite and even when you think you are getting value with a favorite you are probably wrong, example Jets, San Diego, and Colts just to name a few in Week 1.

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