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Week 9 – Need Help Setting Roster

Posted by in NFL Week 9 Start 'Em Sit 'Em Advice on November 7th, 2010 | 13 Comments

Question by The Guy With A Plan: Who to start/sit in Week 9 Fantasy Football?

ESPN Standard League, 14 teams, 1 QB – 2 RB – 1 RB/WR – 2 WR – 1 TE – 1 D/ST – 1 K

Position – Name, Team (Projection)

QB – Aaron Rodgers, GB (23)

RB – Ryan Grant, GB (18)
RB – Pierre Thomas, NO (14)
RB – Jamaal Charles, KC (8)

WR – Greg Jennings, GB (21)
WR – Randy Moss, NO (17)
WR – Andre Johnson, Hou (15)
WR – Michael Crabtree, SF (13)
WR – Marques Colston, NO (12)
WR – Mario Manningham, NYG (3) [Questionable]
WR – Bernard Berrian, Min [BYE]

TE – Kellen Winslow, TB (9)
TE – Visanthe Shiancoe [BYE]

D/ST – Bears, Chi (5)
D/ST – Bengals, Cin (3)

K – Matt Stover, Ind
K – Ryan Longwell, Min [BYE]

Please keep in mind that I am in a 14 team league so what might seem like a weak team (specifically at RB) really isn’t that shallow. Also I need a kicker for this week cause Longwell is on a bye week so I don’t know if I should drop someone else or just go this week without a kicker. I put stover up there because he’s who ill probably get. My current record is 3 wins and 5 losses (3-5).

Please rate my team (for a 14 team league), give me some advice, or tell me who I should start/sit for Week 8? Thanks!

Best answer:

Obviously go with Rodgers at QB. I wouldn’t play Jamaal Charles, since he hasn’t shown me anything yet this season.
Start Pierre Thomas, try to pick up a RB, personally i dont ike starting a QB RB tandem. but if not, play grant, theyre playing TAMPA.

You must really like the Packers. It’s a risk to go with too many players from one team, but you have to start Greg Jennings. I would start Andrew Johnson at the WR and Randy Moss in the flex. Very nice receiving corp.

Everythign else speaks for itself.

Give your answer to this question below!

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13 Responses to Week 9 – Need Help Setting Roster:

  1. Jeff Hardy! P.R.O madden 10

    Date: Aug 07, 2012 at 2:25 am

    RBryan grant
    RBpiree thomas
    WRRBmarques colston
    WRrandy moss
    WRandre johnson
    TEvisanthe shiancoe
    i rate your team out of 1-10 i rate it a 5

  2. Andrew S

    Date: Aug 07, 2012 at 3:21 am

    go with grant and pierre thomas. theres a buncha hype on charles but i think you need to actually see how he does before starting him.

    at WR i’d go randy, andre and colston. i still think driver is the more valuable packer reciever and green bay will prolly get way up early on TB and rely heavily on ryan grant (lucky for you).

    i’d start bears D cuz warner’s been struggling lately. baltimore’s offense is just too good to risk starting the bengals.

    you may want to consider trading one (or a few) of your WRs for a quality running back. maybe sell high on jennings or crabtree. somehow you got to make a move to get a good running back cuz you don’t need that many good WRs

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