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Monday/Sunday Night Steak: 6-0

Posted by in Site News on December 1st, 2009 | Comment »

Tom Brady SadThe Monday/Sunday night streak has been extended to 6-0. Thanks to a dominant win by the Saints, we came out on top for the 6th straight time on Sunday and Monday Night. Sorry for those who had to watch that game with agony (Huskers #1) due to taking the Patriots. I was smiling the whole time as the look on Tom Brady’s face in the 4th quarter was simply priceless. How could anyone ever bet against the Saints at home on Monday Night? Their offense cannot be stopped and I told you that. I was, however, expecting the Patriots to look like a team that has won 4 Super Bowls in the last decade and that team just did not show up. I was expecting them to lose by 3-7 points and did not see the spanking they received coming. What a game by the Saints.

I also wanted to let you know that my NFL picks in sum on every NFL game this week were 10-6 (62.5%), which finished in 3rd place in our Pick ‘Em League (thanks for those who join and participate each week). It feels good to get back to our winning ways, especially that our top plays on Thanksgiving and our NFL SUNDAY SPECIAL TEASER all hit with ease! Phish has just been a stud in that league with a whopping 29-18 record. Phish, if you’re reading this, give out a shout out in the comments section. Deez Nutz is another killer player who has a 27-20 record. Well done guys. If you wish, post up your favorite football team so we know which team could conquer that free NFL custom shop t-shirt that I will be sending the winner of the …

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Posted by in Site News on November 27th, 2009 | Comment »


10-0 in my last 10 picks. Let me boast about it while you guys boost my ego in the comments section after my morale was busted after 2 poor weeks in the NFL.

If you guys wanted a rebound, you got one! I told you that I would not let 2 subpar weeks in the NFL get me down.  We are up BIG on the season, really BIG. We built up a bankroll, gave a nominal amount back in the past two weeks, but we fought back and got even higher than where we were just 3 weeks ago.

I mixed it up a bit, started doing some teasers, and it’s been working like a charm, and more importantly, I’ve gotten back to college football where there are more games to pick and EASIER games to win, especially at this point in the season when you can really get a good read on a team. In the NFL, anything can happen and it usually does, but in college football, you can do much better against the spread overall despite the occasional upset that leaves you puzzled.  That’s just because the disparity between teams in the NFL are much smaller than the disparity in college football and when you can spot that, you can make a killing (e.g.: Rutgers -3 over Louisville).

The teasers have just been money lately.  If you took my Pitt teaser per my recommendation, it saved your ass since you had Pitt +7 and WVU escaped with the W by a field goal. The under 55 in that one was practically a lock, so why not add the points to a spread that’s on the bubble?Even the under 48 …

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Happy Thanksgiving!

Posted by in Site News on November 27th, 2009 | Comment »

terrel-owens-turkey-legHappy Thanksgiving Everyone!

We hope we made your Thanksgiving just a little bit better with some big Turkey Day wins.

We gave out two THANKSGIVING SPECIALS that both hit. The first special was a 7-point teaser of Packers -3.5 and Cowboys -6.5, which hit with ease. We also won both of those games individually with teasers we gave out that had the spread coupled with the over/under.  The Packers -3.5 hit with the Over 40.5 and Under 54.5, which I flip-flopped on due to the uncertainty of Calvin Johnson’s status — I recommended the over 40.5 if Johnson was active, but under 54.5 if he was inactive.  In the end, it didn’t matter since the total was right in the middle at 46.  I also recommended Cowboys -6.5 (or Raiders +20.5) with the under 47.5.  That was another easy hit no matter which side you decided to play it from.

If you instead played the spreads straight up, there were no worries there as both the Packers and Cowboys got the easy cover, although I was worried after GB fumbled the first kickoff of the game that led to a quick 7 points by the Lions.

I actually played those games with a 4-way teaser (2-to-1 odds) with GB -3.5, DAL -6.5, and unders on both games, so I was pretty pumped about that!

Hopefully, you took notice of last night’s update on the Broncos vs. Giants game.  I was onboard with the Giants, but put a “buyer beware” notice to avoid the Giants game due a feeling that the Broncos are “due for a win” along with the road trip, on a short week, with a list of injuries that I didn’t feel very good about.

Secondly, if you …

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24 Hours Left To Join The Pick ‘Em League

Posted by in Site News on November 14th, 2009 | Comment »

ron-burgundy-cannonballAttention Everyone,

I have a very important announcement to make: CANNON BALL!

If you’re a dedicated readers of the site, I’m sure you’ve seen me plug the pick ’em league like crazy. I’m going to do it 1 more time because I want to ensure that we have a competitive league with active members. I want to make sure that everyone knows that it’s FREE to join and a prize will be on the line to keep things interesting and active.

The winner of THE PASS RUSH Pick ‘Em league on Yahoo will win one of these bad boys: an NFL Shop custom t-shirt with the team and player name/number of his choice. The league information, link to register, and link to the homepage is located on the right side of the page above the frosty beer mug (if you want to donate beer so we can continue our awesomeness).

You don’t want to be late to the party and have to play catch up next week, you want to start picking games this week, so hurry up and sign up. You still have 24 hours before 1:00 kickoff tomorrow.

I also wanted to note that Brandon is amazing at college basketball (9-0 in his last 9) over at THE TRIPLE DOUBLE and I’m getting hot with my hockey picks at THE ONETIMER (7-2 in my last 9) and I have 5 great picks tonight.

Thank you for your continued patronage of THE PASS RUSH.


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Business Is Picking Up Gordon Gekko-Style

Posted by in Site News on November 13th, 2009 | Comment »

Gordon Gecko

Business is picking up.  Brandon is posting college basketball picks over at THE TRIPLE DOUBLE and he is red hot right now, starting the season 9-0.  NINE AND O BABY! The man told you that he is a college basketball prodigy, even more than a college football guru.  Do not question the method to his madness. If he tells you to take St. Bonaventure or Wofford, you take St. bonaventure and Wofford. Do not ask questions for you know nothing! Put another way, he is the Gordon Gekko of college basketball and you are the guy that lights his cigarette and pours his scotch.

For his Friday night picks, he went with St. Bonaventure as his 2 unit bet over Cleveland State in a pick ’em game. You see Cleveland State and you think green uniforms and a team that did well in the NCAA tournament a year or two ago and you think you’ve found a winner. Then you see Cleveland State down by 20 at the half and curse at the basketball gods. He also took Wofford, who is returning 5 starters and getting 17.5 points against Pittsburgh, who lost almost every starter from last year’s squad, and what do you get? You get Wofford not only covering by double digits, but you’re up by 3 points with 3 minutes left to play as a 17.5 point underdog.

This is the type of information that you get at our the sister site of THE PASS RUSH, THE TRIPLE DOUBLE. Again, quick links to our network of sports-betting websites are at the top and sides of the site. Money simply cannot buy this type of service, for we do not make you pay for such services. Instead, …

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Quick Links Added, New Basketball Picks

Posted by in Site News on October 30th, 2009 | Comment »

What’s up everyone?  I’m sure you might have noticed the changes made to the site, but I wanted to point them out anyway.  First, quick links were added to the top so you can easily navigate to our sister NBA and NHL sites, THE TRIPLE DOUBLE and THE ONETIMER.

Brandon is working like a horse doing NBA and NHL picks in addition to his NCAA picks, so check out THE TRIPLE DOUBLE and THE ONTEIMER on the reg.

He’s brought you a lot of big winners recently and he’s told me that he is very thirsty, so you can feel free to buy him a beer via PayPal by clicking the beer mug on the side.

Good luck this weekend.

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Posted by in Site News on October 8th, 2009 | Comment »

THE PASS RUSH readers, please visit our sister site, THE ONETIMER for free daily NHL picks.  Our own Brandon Phillips, who has been on a tear with his college football picks will be providing daily NHL picks.

You’ll also be able to browse through hockey’s greatest and most recent fights, bone-crushing NHL hits, and highlights of the season’s greatest games.

All this and more at THEONETIMER.COM.  There is also a banner below the search bar on the right navigation for easy access to the site from THE PASS RUSH.

Good luck on the NHL!

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