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24 Hours Left To Join The Pick ‘Em League

Posted by in Site News on November 14th, 2009 | Comment »

ron-burgundy-cannonballAttention Everyone,

I have a very important announcement to make: CANNON BALL!

If you’re a dedicated readers of the site, I’m sure you’ve seen me plug the pick ’em league like crazy. I’m going to do it 1 more time because I want to ensure that we have a competitive league with active members. I want to make sure that everyone knows that it’s FREE to join and a prize will be on the line to keep things interesting and active.

The winner of THE PASS RUSH Pick ‘Em league on Yahoo will win one of these bad boys: an NFL Shop custom t-shirt with the team and player name/number of his choice. The league information, link to register, and link to the homepage is located on the right side of the page above the frosty beer mug (if you want to donate beer so we can continue our awesomeness).

You don’t want to be late to the party and have to play catch up next week, you want to start picking games this week, so hurry up and sign up. You still have 24 hours before 1:00 kickoff tomorrow.

I also wanted to note that Brandon is amazing at college basketball (9-0 in his last 9) over at THE TRIPLE DOUBLE and I’m getting hot with my hockey picks at THE ONETIMER (7-2 in my last 9) and I have 5 great picks tonight.

Thank you for your continued patronage of THE PASS RUSH.


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