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AFC & NFC Championship Game Aftermath

Posted by in NFL Highlights on January 21st, 2008 | Comment »

Tough break for those who took the Pack.  If somebody at the beginning of the season would have said Eli and not Peyton Manning would be in the Super Bowl this year, I would have said they should get checked for psychosis because ELI SUCKS (Reference: Hitler’s rant about the Cowboys loss).  What a shocker and what a disappointment for those dreaming of a Brady-Favre Super Bowl.  I don’t want to chear for the Pats in this one, but I’m forced to do so by default even though I HATE the Pats: if the Giants somehow win this thing, as an Eagles fan, it’s going to suck — a lot.

If you missed any of the NFC or AFC Championship games or just want another look at the highlights, here are the quick links to those at

AFC Championship Highlights: Patriots 21 – Chargers 12

NFC Championship Highlights: Giants 23 – Packers 20

I came across this at Sportaphile: AFC/NFC Championship Thoughts.  He kind of calls out LaDanian Tomlinson for not playing.  Here is what he had to say:

Why did Ladainian Tomlinson spend the biggest game of his career sulking on the bench? Deion Sanders expressed my thoughts PERFECTLY during the post game show. L.T. BETTER need surgery on his knee, because if the injury isn’t serious enough to warrant an operation he should have been on the damned field. I have no proof for this claim, but I almost bet he was sitting on the bench crying, thats why he never took his helmet off.

I’m not going to knock L.T. for not playing because he’s L.T.: if he’s able to go, you know he’s going to play.  Here is a video of Tomlinson explaining why he decided to sit out.  Tomlinson said his sprained MCL is a four-week injury, he just wasn’t able to make his cuts, he had no explosion, he felt like his knee was just dragging and it was unstable.  He said even if he played, he wouldn’t have been effective.  LaDainian stated, “A 100% Michael Turner and Darren Sproles is way better than a 50% me.”  He said the last time he played banged up, it hurt his team.

In other NFL news: Dungy is going to return and Phillip Rivers needs surgery on his MCL.

The early Super Bowl line is Patriots -12.5. I’ll get to posting my pick on that game soon.

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