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NFL Offseason – Previewing Free Agency

Posted by in Fantasy Football, NFL General on February 12th, 2010 | Comment »

March 5th is the first day of free agency, which NFL betting fans know is always a free agent frenzy. There will be an interesting dynamic thrown into the loop this year as for the first time in a long time, the NFL will have an uncapped salary season.

Free agency this year will bring a shorter crop of young prospects as many of them will now be restricted for one more year because of the league rules. Nonetheless, here is a rundown of some key free agents.

Chad Pennington of the Miami Dolphins would like to return to Miami, but he’ll likely only have a backup role there. Coming off another season-ending injury, Pennington may be facing a backup role anywhere he goes. He is still a serviceable starter for some teams and he would be among the better backups if he was forced into a No. 2 role.

Another team could lose a player who started the year as a No. 1 contributor at a position after being supplanted by a good young prospect, and that’s the Pittsburgh Steelers running back Willie Parker.

Those who bet on NFL know that Parker’s days were numbered as soon as the Steelers spent a first-round pick on Rashard Mendenhall. Parker could be an enticing commodity to some as a speedy complementary back.

On defense, we all know that the 3-4 defense has been quite the fad in the NFL and a lot of teams looking for a playmaker might take a look at Julius Peppers. The recent rumor has been that he’s a good fit for outside linebacker in that set up but don’t be surprised if teams opt to keep him at defensive end in a 4-3, where he is a Pro Bowler as is.

Meanwhile, the New Orleans Saints, who were exactly the favorite for NFL picks in the Super Bowl, will have to find a way to keep safety Darren Sharper, who led the league in interceptions. Sharper is a free agent and the Saints may opt to slap the franchise tag on him before he starts looking around.

Meanwhile, there will be some intriguing names thrown around as well such as Plaxico Burres, Matt Jones and even Pacman Jones. The latter two have worked out with the Cincinnati Bengals and may get a shot with the team who likes former troubled players.

It should be a busy March so keep an eye as the dates on the calendar approach.

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