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Early Look At Super Bowl XLV 2011 NFL Futures

Posted by in NFL Predictions on June 30th, 2010 | Comment »

Is the offseason over yet? I’m already ready to get the sports gambling season started off with a nice little futures bet. I’m looking at the odds for Super Bowl XLV right now and seeing if there’s any dark horses with some decent odds. My Philadelphia Eagles are getting friendly +1800 odds to win the Super Bowl. It looks like the bookmakers don’t have much faith in them. Although I honestly don’t expect them to win the Super Bowl, I think they’re certainly capable of making a nice push with Kolb — I’m expecting them to grab the Wild Card at a minimum. I’m a big Kolb advocate. I think he shows a lot of promise and will be just as good as Aaron Rodgers and Matt Ryan, but I am being completely bias here since I am not a fan of McNabb and glad that he’s gone.

Let’s be serious for a second though, the front runners to come out of the AFC, I would have to say, are the Jets with their ridiculous defense that will give up less than 10 PPG. Add Santonio Holmes, LaDanian Tomlinson, and QB who is no longer a rookie, and I think you’re looking at the Jets as next year’s champs.

Believe it or not, but they’re getting +1200 odds. That looks like a good score to me. In the NFC, I think it will come down to the Saints and Cowboys (I hate to say it as an Eagles fan, but let’s be honest here). The Saints have +900 odds and the Cowboys have +1000 odds. The Colts are favored to win it all at +800 odds. You also have to look at the Chargers in the mix with +900 odds.

As far as an early prediction is concerned, I think you’ll be seeing the Colts and Jets again in the AFC Championship with the Saints and Cowboys in the NFC Championship. ┬áThis Dallas sports writer says count on the Cowboys and Jets in Super Bowl XLV next season and I have to agree.

I cannot wait until camps start. I’ll see you soon!

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