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NFL Week 1 Recap

Posted by in NFL Picks on September 11th, 2011 | Comment »

In the pick ’em league, I went 7-5-2 for the week (see the leaderboard after the jump). My winners were Green Bay, Detroit, Washington, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Houston, and Dallas. My losers were Kansas City, Cleveland, Atlanta, Pittsburgh, and San Diego. My pushes were Arizona and Tennessee. If you use the opening lines, my record would be 9-5 using Arizona -6.5 and Tennessee +2.5. A winning record overall, although the top 5 I listed were a dismal 1-3-1. There are always surprises week 1, why is why I play with nothing more than funny money until week 3 or 4.

Most people in the league got off to an ugly start. The best record so far has been DeezNuts and Big Moose at 8-4. Don’t forget to sign up to compete. Just because you missed out on week 1 doesn’t mean you still can’t compete. It’s a long season and includes the playoffs this year.

My top play in Arizona -6.5 over Carolina got lucky and hit on a 4th-quarter punt return. You catch a break (Arizona), you lose a break (Harvin kickoff return vs. San Diego).  I was not anticipating that type of debut from Cam Newton. Cam Newton throws 422 yards and 2 TDs in his NFL regular season debut. Are you serious? Cam Newton’s preseason numbers: 24/57, 42% completion percentage, 300 yards, 5.3 yards-per-attempt, 1 TD. Cam Newton’s NFL debut numbers: 24/37, 422 yards, 64.8%, 11.4 yards-per attempt, 2 TDs (passing), 1 TD (rushing), 1 INT. What a complete 180 he pulled on us.

San Diego’s cover was blown thanks to an opening kickoff return by Percy Harvin. The Chargers went 17-0 in the second half. The Chargers were the play to make in this one, but giving up the early 7 cost them the cover. The Chargers also didn’t get the memo that they were supposed to cover 8.5 points when they had the ball at 30-yard line with 2 minutes left and ran out the clock. Right play, wrong break based on the kickoff return.

The Titans/Jaguars game pushed. Both teams looked weak and will be targets to bet against in the future. Kenny Britt was a fantasy stud though.

The Falcons fooled me and many other people in their opener. They were the game that almost everyone in the pick ’em league called wrong. They certainly didn’t look like the 13-3 team from last season that got better on both offense and defense with WR Julio Jones and DE Ray Edwards. Like I warned, it was a “suckers pick” being on the road, but one that I could not pass picking.

I was totally on the wrong side of the Chiefs pick and I’ll admit it. In my updates, I was trying to play up my decreasing confidence in the pick by talking-up Buffalo’s defense based on the additions of DT Marcell Dareus, LB Nick Barnett, and a healthy Shawn Merriman, as well as pointing out that the Chiefs have looked awful in the preseason. An overall poor effort from the Chiefs on both sides of the ball. The Chiefs were 7-1 at home, so there was no way I thought they would drop this one to the Bills. I ended up opting for the Cardinals over the Chiefs in my survivor pool so I’m glad I made that switch before kickoff. The loss of Charlie Weiss on the Chiefs really showed today.

I did point out that Redskins +3 and Cowboys +4.5 were my plays with the points. I have Dallas +4.5 and they’re up 17-7 in the third so that pick is looking good as well.

I can’t wait to look into next week’s action. I may do a brief update on the Pats vs. Dolphins game tomorrow. The Raiders and Broncos game gets a no action call for me.

Here is the pick ’em leaderboard (click to enlarge):

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